Friday, June 11, 2010

Why I'm Awesome

I want to apologize right now for leaving out all the awesome pictures I've been taking. I was planning on posting some in this particular post... however I can't find that cord thing that connects the camera to my computer, so it may be a while. :/

I went on another long walk with my mom last night. We've started walking a lot more frequently. Last night it was a 6 mile trek across Acton, Indiana. There would be a bunch of lovely pictures from it, alas they're trapped in our little blue camera.

Emotional update.

I've been doing surprisingly well given the amount of myself (not physical but emotional) that I gave to the boy. No one said it would be easy to bounce back after you gave your heart to someone... but I really have been doing okay. Yesterday I was determined to make it a good day, despite the circumstances, and it was. Of course, I still have moments of sadness. But, they are becoming less and less frequent. It helps to have been this sort of thing before. I know that at some point I'll get past it 100%.

What helps?
1. Long walks
2. Supportive friends
3. Running
4. Bonfire tonight
5. Lauren and Jonathan at work
6. Coffee
7. Having projects and something to keep me distracted.

Part of what's not killing me is the fact that this past month apart was so hard. While I really cared about him, I knew the whole time "something was up." His behavior was just slightly off... and being away from him really took an emotional toll. Knowing that I'm free from all the stress is so refreshing.

Anyway, I've decided to change my life now that I have the chance to.

Plan of Action
1. Stay active and keep losing weight
2. Get a cool tattoo in New Zealand
3. Learn Guitar as much as I can this summer
4. Start painting again
5. Do fun stuff... don't waste summer in front of the T.V.
6. Live life to the fullest.
7. Don't settle for someone who isn't ready for me
8. Learn how to surf
9. Hang out with friends
10. Save a lot of money
11. Visit Alyson in Texas
12. Come back to Harding in January... beautiful and ready to take on the world.

I am awesome. I honestly feel bad for anyone who misses out on me. Too bad for them.

Peace and Love

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