Friday, July 22, 2011

Relaxing in the Heat

Here's the life update:

The other day my little sister, Andrea, and I went to Kings Island. Its one of those places that I just love... not because if the quality of the park but because it was the first theme park I'd ever been to. My parents took me there when I was just four years old and I have loved the place ever since. Anyway... We went last Wednesday... and it was HOT. We tried to drink a lot of water to help replace what we were sweating out. Alas, it didn't quite work out the way I'd hoped and we ended up leaving early with dehydration induced headaches.

However, while we were there we saw something kind of odd. There was this game stand where the contestants were supposed to throw a football through a little hoop. If you succeeded that you would win your very own NFL jersey. They had jerseys from every popular player across the midwest. However, the Colts jersey they had was a little strange. I took a picture of it because it was so funny to me. They had a Peyton Manning, 10 Jersey. This is hilarious because as anyone even slightly interested in Football knows... Peyton Manning wears number 18. DUH!

Yesterday was a scorcher as well. But I managed to survive the heat at work. Maybe it was the tip money that kept me feeling A-OK. Either way I made it through to the evening. It was nice because my good friend Lindsay Condon invited me to go see an Indianapolis Fever game. Thats our WNBA team. She got free tickets and a parking pass from her work. We went and enjoyed the game then went walking around town afterwards.

I love Indianapolis because I never feel threatened when I am walking downtown at night. Its just such a comfortable city.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Just a couple little bits of whats been going on. I really need to finish the paintings I've got going on in my garage, plus finish up my reading and I just have an infinite list of things to do before I go back to school in just a few short weeks. My, how summer comes and goes so quickly.


P.S. I will be 22 on Tuesday!! yikes!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today is Wednesday

This week has been a fun one. I have been painting some, but I am trying to go a little bit easier on it, since it’s been straining my wrist some. But… It’s hard to do less of, because I am so STOKED with these paintings.

Also, my cousin, Kelly, has commissioned me to do a “tuscany” painting for her. I’d like to do this but… I am worried I may not have time to crank it out for a little while. I’d like to get started and have it finished… WELL by thanksgiving. BUT……… I don’t know. Because I need to paint a different landscape painting for myself to add to my portfolio. BAH HUMBUG!

In other news, one of my best friends in the whole world, Stacee Krebs, has returned from ENGLAND! And, I am lucky enough to go see her today. I haven’t seen this girl since Christmas break, and when I think about that… it shocks me because it really doesn’t feel like it has been all that long. I’m thinking about taking her downtown to get frozen yogurt on mass ave.

Speaking of the frozen Yogurt they have downtown….

I have become pretty good friends with some of my co-workers and a few of us worked on Monday, “The Hottest/Most Humid Day of the Century.” So, we decided to close up a little bit early and take Segways across town to get some Frozen Yogurt. Which, was a brilliant idea. And, it further affirmed that, I really love the people I work with.

In other news, I am going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. I am very excited to go see it with one of the few people I have kept in touch with from high school, Lindsay Condon. I really do value her friendship.

The last HP movie I saw was with Harding friends… and it was in Singapore. So it will be interesting to see it in my hometown with old friends.

I guess that’s about it. OH, I am still hating Wuthering Heights. I wonder when and if this book will get good.

Oh well! Back to Regis and Kelly.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Infinite List of Things To Do.

Wow, its been an interesting couple of days.

I've been working on painting a portrait and a different painting of a fishy nature. All will be revealed in time. I have been working my bum off trying to get stuff done this summer. I am hoping to complete three paintings before school starts. I would like to have pretty much ALL of my comics drawn and colored for the Bison Newspaper before the semester starts, AND I am currently reading TWO books right now.

1. The Lives of the Artists By Giorgio Vasari. He's basically the father of Art History. I am reading this book to get me prepared for my Renaissance Art History class with Dr. Choate this fall. It actually has a lot of interesting anecdotes.

2. Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte. Now, I read Jane Eyre last winter and LOVED it... right now I am about ten chapters into the book, and I'm struggling to get "hooked." I can already tell that I like Jane Eyre better, but everyone says that Wuthering Heights is "SOOOo Good!" but... I don't know. I feel like it's missing something. I suppose I can't write it off yet though. Maybe I'll be surprised.

3. I am also planning on reading a few other books before school: Brunelleschi's Dome and Twelve Caesars. We'll see how much I get done.

I've decided that this summer I am a hermit and I really don't mind. I'm getting stuff done and I am enjoying it. I'm not hanging out with a lot of people, but I am being very productive. Its a fair trade off, because I honestly don't feel like I am missing out.