Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Energy and Pollution is an Annoyance in my Life.

Finally, I am alone in the apartment. Everyone is either out celebrating Andrea Alt's birthday or at the potluck/devo. I, however am studying... erm... was studying, in my room while listening to Mumford and Sons and the wind outside. It is so rejuvenating to be away from everyone else. They drive me crazy. Strike that... I am not alone.


I thought I was, DANGIT! lol. Can you tell its that point of the trip where you just really want to be alone? Well, it is. I'm trying to be patient with everyone but we all know eachother's flaws now.

I really have nothing else to talk about right now. I need to finish... erm... start my project for Energy and Pollution. I have to give the class lecture tomorrow. I think I'd rather eat a live worm... seriously. If I could get out of doing it by eating a live worm, then I would do it. The problem is that I am not a science-ey person. I am an art person. I want to paint. I do not want to calculate the Coefficient of Performance of a heat pump.

I can't wait until we are all done with classes here.

On a happy note. I bought a shirt. (sorry mom)

Peace and Love.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weight Gain Paranoia: Life Story

Good morning from me to you.

Today is our first Free-Day (and last for a while) while we are here on the Gold Coast. A lot of people are planning on doing super fun things. I, however, am planning on doing a lot of homework. (shock shock). Sometimes it just feels like that's all there is to do.

I would really like to go for a run right now. I am afraid of gaining weight again, because I am going to be in Alyson Strother's wedding and I've already ordered my bridesmaid dress. It fits perfectly, but I am NOT allowed to gain an ounce, or it may not fit so well. I'm paranoid about it, but of course my kitchen is full of nutella and one of my other roommates got bored and made a bunch of puppy chow!

One other thing. Here in Australia it's been convenient and easy for me to find and eat fruit, but vegetables are another story. I can't eat raw vegetables unless I clean them and chop them up myself. There are no easy little carrot bags. I know this sounds incredibly lazy of me, but the truth is I barely have time to do any of that stuff. It's been Class-Homework-Class-Homework-Bed for a good amount of time. I would just really like to lose weight I've gained, and not gain anymore here... but its proving to be more difficult than I'd anticipated.

I did go on a run the other day. But that was the first one all semester, and it was because I actually had time. Usually I don't. So, If I gain weight, blame my teachers for loading me with a bunch of work that I just don't have time for.

Hmm. Well I was going to post about some other Australian happenings, but I'm just too angry to do that right now.

Peace and Love.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Life: Devoted to Studies.

Well, I'm still here enjoying Australia. I ought to be doing some homework... but sometimes you just have to live a little bit. If I did EVERYTHING these teachers assigned, I'd never leave our apartment. I love the teachers on this trip, but sometimes I wonder if they know exactly how much work we've got. I suppose they have a lot of work with grading everything but still. I feel like I'm not truly experiencing Australia being cooped up like this all the time!

So, because my life is pretty much devoted to my studies... (I guess when you go on a study abroad program they REALLY mean the studying part). This blog will show you the kind of studies I've been up to.

In bible, we had to give a presentation on Paul and where he was from. Was he from Tarsus? or Jerusalem? Would he have been more Judaic or Hellenistic? And how does that affect his writings? Well, I'm pretty satisfied with how it all played out. We had a really well thought out powerpoint and somehow sparked a rather heated semi-debate in class. I felt like some kind of dramatic teacher from a movie like Freedom Writers. You know, Inspiring the masses to make a difference! (or not).

At some point this week. Tuesday night maybe? Some of us girls went out to eat. We found an Italian place called Valentinos. The waiters were very friendly young guys (perhaps this is why I enjoyed the place so much). They asked us if we were Canadian, which I took as a total compliment. You see, I don't know if you watch the news at all, but apparently everyone hates "Americans." Americans being: Fat, southern-hick accent, loud, obnoxious, walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk, Selfish, inconsiderate, meanies. This is kind of the United States citizen stereotype here.

I've even found some books in the mall devoted to how terrible Americans are. Not kidding. Several best selling books dedicating to reveal the evils of the U.S. from the fat ladies in the malls to how (God forbid) we have people bag our groceries for us. (I didn't even know that was wrong!!!) For some reason, being Canadian makes it all better. I think the Aussies consider Canadians to be a bit less like the stereotype (this is my hypothesis anyway). So, I've made it my goal to be nice, polite, and mistaken as a Canadian.

After Dinner, we grabbed some gelato and went to watch a movie required for class. It was called "Rabbit Proof Fence," and it was actually really good. I would encourage everyone to watch it. Plus, the "bad guy" is played by the same guy who played, Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter. Unfortunately, we weren't able to start the film right on time, because we were locked out of the classroom for about 40 minutes and Chris, our Southeast Asia guide had to give a presentation on water treatment and testing.

We all LOVE his presentations...

Yesterday we actually went to the Tallebudgera river/ creek and tested the water. I can't remember all the details of what we did, but my favorite was finding and catching all sorts of different critters.

After we got back to broadbeach, we went shopping at Woolworths and I bought some disgusting cereal which may actually be granola.... (oops. looks like I'm going back for nutrigrain). Then came back and did homework all evening.

I have a feeling tonight will be much the same.

Peace and Love, Mate!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Rainforest Experience

Well, I'm back from the rainforest.

It wasn't quite what I expected. For one, it was Cold. I really should stop expecting Australia to be warm. I mean, it's not freezing or anything but it certainly isn't what I was expecting. The first night we arrived in BInna Burra was a bad day for me. I think it was the first day that I started feeling a little homesick. I think it just had to do with getting my feelings hurt several times. And I had my head bashed by Michelle's during a game of frisbee. ugh.

I started thinking about all things of fall at home: pumpkin bread, hot apple cider, bonfires, hay rides, high school football. sigh. BUT, then I slept on it and remembered that I am in AUSTRALIA and fall at home can happen without me.

Before we went about to the cabin to sleep and chill Chris, our southeast Asia guide had some special presentations. We sat outside over looking the valley while he talked about the ecology of the area. I suppose I would have been much more enthralled with his information if I weren't completely frozen solid. We were all chilled to the bone but Chris just kept talking about the different calls for birds of the area. This is okay, because it is pretty interesting... but a lot of us didn't have patience without food or heat.

Don't let this photo trick you. It was chilly.

Finally he led us inside of the lodge. We thought we were getting food... turns out we were just going to watch a video about the history of the lodge. Cold and hungry, we forced ourselves to peal our eyes open to the screen. It was one of those old fashion education videos from the 1960's, complete with creepy music that popped in and out. Ironically there were several clips showing people eating delicious sandwiches. I was bitter.

Finally we went to eat dinner. It was good and I ate fish! (plus I liked it). After dinner we watched a 2 hour presentation on the Alberts Lyre Bird. Let me tell you, Chris LOVES this bird. Unfortunately... most of the rest of us now hate this bird. But we do know a whole lot about it.

After his presentation we all went to this cottage and ate Tim Tams and warm Milo (kind of like hot chocolate but better). If you haven't had Tim Tams... I feel sorry for you. This stuff is SO GOOD, They're these Australian cookies that embody everything that is good in the world. They have this thing called a "Tim Tam Slam" where you are supposed to bite of both ends of the cookie, dip it in warm milk or milo and then use the cookie as a straw. This causes the inside of the cookie to melt. Then you eat the cookie and it's warm goodness fills your soul with joy. I haven't tried them like this yet, but I plan on doing so.

FINALLY, we went back to the cabin... errr... closet? 9 people to a room sleeping on three level bunk beds. We were so cold that Megan and I had to cuddle together to keep warm. It worked pretty well. Before we drifted off to sleep, the girls in my cabin came up with several ideas for fun on the cruise ship... which shall be kept under strict confidence.

We woke up in the morning and after being told to dress in shorts and a tshirt... we headed over to the lodge for food then met up with our guides for our 18 kilometer hike.

Guess what, it was cold. I was shivering practically the whole time. So much for "DEFINITELY wear shorts." But it was a really nice tour. I learned about a lot of really interesting things. We found homes for trapdoor spiders and Chris taught us all about these fig trees that strangle other trees. (you know any girl loves some good natural violence). I saw a red bellied black snake and at least a dozen wild turkeys. they wander around all over the place.

Finally, we returned and loaded the bus. When we got back to the apartment, I took a long hot shower and made soup. Warm soup does wonders after a cold day.

Peace and Love

p.s. I still haven't tried vegemite, but Mr. Adams loves it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Binna Burra and Sushi!

Okay, in my last blog I complained a bit about having to close the curtains... I realized it probably wasn't a big deal but I think I was just caught up in the moment. I told her if she wanted to close the curtains it was okay. (I've got the whole living room to enjoy the sunrise in).

So, that's in the past, Now, onto the future. Today we have a few classes this morning and then we head off to the rainforest. We're staying at a place called Binna Burra. Then I think tomorrow we will be going on an 8 hour walk! This makes me so glad that mom and I walked so much together this summer. However, we didn't have to face leaches. EW! Chris (our southeast asia/Rainforest walk guide) said that if it has rained we will have to deal with them. Luckily for us, Rain is NOT in the forecast.

What else is new? Life here on the gold coast is a peaceful one. The grocery store, Woolworths, is a walk away. We are allowed to take our shopping carts from the store all the way back to our apartment (the Capricornia). When we're done with it, we just scoot it downstairs and leave it on the lawn in the front. I guess someone from the grocery store comes around and picks them all up. Weird? yes.

Last night, Christy Parent and I went and picked up some extra groceries we'd neglected to buy the first time around. aka, fruit and vegetables. It was not very fun to eat only bread and cheese all day yesterday. bleh. While at the store I found HUMMUS!!!! I bought the stuff that said, "skinny" "85% less fat" ha! Now, I am set for life. also, they spell hummus differently here. "Hommus" is how they say it.

I ate sushi for the very first time yesterday. After classes I was supposed to go right to the grocery store but I guess I didn't. Instead I was talking to Taylor Kee and he said that he was going to find sushi. I told him I'd never tried it and he said... "well come on." Then we went to get some.

On our way we past a japanese restaurant called "FUKU" and made a couple of jokes about that. When we finally found sushi I was pretty skeptical. However, I think Taylor knew a lot about it and helped me pick out some to try. I took it back to my room and... I LOVED IT! Sushi is super good. Where has it been all my life.

Anyway, good times. I'm making a lot of new friends and hanging out with all sorts of people. Life is good.


p.s. Still can't really hear out of my right ear.... I think it's getting better though. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life in Brisbane.

Alright guys.

Here it is. About 8am in Brisbane. I am laying on the ground in my room, hoping this instant coffee will do the trick. I haven't finished my homework. I haven't done laundry. I haven't brushed my teeth.


Okay, It is now 5:27 pm here on the Gold Coast. Our apartment is on the thirteenth floor and practically all of the walls are actually full windows! So we're lucky enough to have beautiful views of both the sunrise and the sunset. Plus we have a balcony on both sides.

We are living in flats meant to house 6 people comfortably, but when we landed in Brisbane our director, Pam Little, informed us that some of the beds would be twins... and others would be queen beds that we would have to share. Meghan and I opted to sleep in the queen bed, and let me tell you, I'm glad we did.

Turns out it's the master bedroom. We have our own shower and toilet. plus two huge closets and by far the most space. Plus, our room is the only room that has a full wall sized window as our eastern wall. The view is glorious and I love it.

Right now I'm just trying to get used to life in one place. We've been moving around so much, its dizzying. My body is trying to get over a cold. I haven't been able to hear out of my ear for 4 days straight. Or I guess it feels like its underwater. I suppose it has to do with the fact that my sinuses are all full of unmentionable gunk and then I've been thrown in some serious pressurized airplanes quite a bit. I am just waiting to be completely healed so that I can stop asking... "What? What did you say? THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE?!?!... oh, you mean you're feeling really tired."

Speaking of not hearing people... Whenever Australians don't hear people, they say, "pardon."

Bad news. My roomie wants us to close the drapes to our window when we go to sleep. Apparently she's been waking up at 6:30 because of the rising sun. My reaction... "Well, you could get some eye shades."

I'm sorry, I don't mean to be mean or inconsiderate. I Just really want to LIVE LIFE! you know? Why wouldn't you want to wake up to the sun rising up slowly over the ocean? Its just really discouraging. I don't think she wants to buy eye shades... but that's not really fair because it's not like I can buy "sunrise over the ocean" shades.


Okay. Maybe a run?

Peace and Love

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is OLD.

Australia Blog update: September 10th, 2010

Hello all!

Good news, I am in Australia. Sorry I haven’t been keeping in contact. Our hotel in Sydney doesn’t have wireless internet and I haven’t found anytime to look for an internet cafĂ©. One of my wonderful roommates, Michelle Cascio, suggested I write all of my blogs down on Microsoft word and then post them later. So, in taking her advice please know that all of this info is probably several days old by the time you read it.

Okay, where do I begin? Well, Australia is awesome! The people are nice and the city is a very friendly one. I can’t really describe it. I feel like Sydney is a mixture of a European city and an American one. There are Asians EVERYWHERE! This is not a bad thing, but everyone was surprised when they arrived.

Speaking of the long journey, it was long. My first flight was from Indianapolis to L.A. I sat next to a guy who I thought was gay. Turns out he’s a 21 year old bible major in California. He said he would pray for my trip, which was really considerate. I’ve been trying to remember to pray for him too.

The second flight (14 hours in duration) I spent with a nice Aussie man. We discussed Australian customs and he asked me what jelly was (he didn’t know). I never knew it would be so difficult to describe jelly to someone who’d never had it before. I mean… what is jelly? I don’t even know.

Anyway the flights weren’t the highlight of the journey, but I was lucky to be on the aisle for both trips. In the second one there were these built-in touch screens and we were able to choose different movies to keep us occupied. I watched ALL of Gone With The Wind, Letters to Juliet, and much much more.

We landed as the sun was rising, and entered Aussie-Land as they called it. Customs didn’t take long and we were met at the airport by our lovely director, Pam Little and her granddaughter, Georgia (who we call Bendi Erwin).

We were led through the hustle and bustle of the Sydney airport out doors to meet the bus. News Flash! Australia is kind of cool right now, and by cool I mean cold-ish. It’s spring here because of Australia being in southern hemisphere but I think we were all kind of hoping it would be like every Australian movie: hot and dry. However, it really just feels like springtime.

I can’t complain. The weather isn’t hindering me from having a blast. I could live here, I truly could.

Sorry this post is SO OLD. But, internet has really been spotty.

I'll try to post more later.

Peace and LOVe

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Where in the world do I begin.


Peace and Love

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not Getting Ready.

Preparation for Australia...

I talked to my bank today...

Took a walk...

I really haven't done anything yet.

No. No wait, I practiced an Australian accent. That's the only thing I've done.


Peace and Love

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things I Would Buy If I Weren't Going Abroad...

And if I had money to...

Here we go. I know that I have a lot of "non-ladylike" tendencies, but I've also got a lot of girly ones. Here's what I would get right now If I could just afford it, and weren't going over seas during the fall fashion season.


I would buy a trench coat.

Oh, and a good pair of boots... but I don't have time to look up the exact kind I want because I'm about to go to lunch with my Grandma to Santorini's. My favorite Restaurant in Indy. Its a locally owned Greek place. mmmm.

Peace and Love