Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Teeth Are Clean

I'm sleepy today. Just a bit.

I do, however, hope that work is enjoyable.

yesterday, I went to the dentist. He loved my teeth! ha. I don't know what it is about my genetics, but dental people always gush over how good I take care of my teeth. The reality of it all is that I brush my teeth... but don't floss that much. I know people who take MUCH better care of their teeth and dentists scold them for not taking care of them. I just have these awesome teeth genetics... SO, this is a shout out to single men. If you choose to date me:
1. my mouth is clean and awesome.
2. I carry clean mouth genetics so, our future children will have pretty teeth too.

Also last night I went to church, and then met up with Stacee Krebs and Amanda Wright. We went to starbucks and spent a good amount of time out side just sipping coffee and making up inside jokes. It was truly an enjoyable experience. I love those ladies.

After Amanda left to go home, Stacee and I went to the theatre with money and... no idea what what showing. We realized that it was the opening day for "Knight and Day" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, so we bought tickets for it. OH MY GOSH. it was so worth it. Good stuff. I haven't seen a movie I enjoyed THAT much in a very very long time. It was almost like American James Bond, with humor and none of the stupid "I play a different woman everytime." stuff. I encourage everyone to see it. It's one of those movies that guys and girls could both love.

I would see it again.

What's on the books for today?
WORK. that's all I know for sure. But, I really hope I can do some other fun stuff.


You know what really annoys me. I mean, really annoys me. I hate it that, a lot of times, guys, will go through high school and sometimes college trying to push girls further and further physically. Like they want to date an easy girl so that they can have sex... but then they grow up and want to marry a virgin. It's just annoying because girls can't go around doing that or they'll be called a "slut." Used goods. I don't know.

I mean, I know there are exceptions. People make mistakes when they're immature and young... and given the opportunity. But It just annoys me when it's not an accident but a lifestyle. When they turn the mistake into a goal for every female encounter. Am I out of my mind?

Peace and Love

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