Monday, May 23, 2011

Second Week of Intersession and I'm Still Going Strong

I can't believe I have already finished one week of intersession. It wasn't what I thought it would be at all. As a matter of fact, intersession is the complete opposite of what I had originally anticipated.

My class: Ancient to Medieval Art History. It is an interesting class. Our teacher presents the material in a very cool way. One day she had us wear togas to class. Another day she brought in pitas, olives, and grapes... The quizzes and tests are fairly easy, but I am not going to complain at all as long as she keeps bringing in food, I'll be a happy "DeCamper."

Outside of the classroom, my social life has been off the hook. Every night there's some new adventure. Yesterday was especially exciting. A bunch of us drove down to Little Rock for lunch, a movie, and mayhem. We ate at the Purple Cow. Unbeknownst to me, this venue is a famous one for Little Rock and the surrounding area... oxymoron? They specialize in burgers and purple milk shakes. The hole-in-the-wall is decked out in all things purple and all things cow related. I prided myself in ordering a turkey burger and fruit cup. However, I couldn't help myself from tasting my friends' purple milkshakes and Carter's sweet potato fries.

After our meal we drove over to Arkansas' nicest movie theatre, "The Rave" and saw "Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides." I was fairly pleased with the film. It delivered exactly what I thought it would: Johnny Depp somewhere between scheming mastermind and drunken, crazed, lunatic with dreads...set somewhere with a lot of water and a boat. What more could you ask for from the franchise? How about a hot shirtless preacher? Okay... Delivered.

A lot of our group was tired when the movie was over, I was a little surprised by this but, we continued on to Target and Barnes and Nobles regardless of their obvious fatigue. I bought a Latté from the ever handsome, mysterious, and ambiguous Starbucks Barista, and it tasted perfect. There's something indescribably wonderful about drinking a frothy, hot cup-o-joe while perusing through walls of unread books.

I ended up buying a much needed dress from target and then headed back for a special HUA reunion dinner at the Mills' house. We dined on all things heavenly, aka breakfast. I am telling you, Jennifer Mills makes some mean... everything. It was truly a nice evening. We looked at photo books from the trip and talked about the "Mysterious Panty Caper" of 2010. This is the true story of how a pair of my delicates randomly ended up on the floor of the karaoke bar during our Australian cruise. To this day, I still don't know how they ended up in the middle of a packed room of people, but I have my suspicions.

The night finished up with the watching of "Miss Congeniality" at some friends house.

It was a packed day, but a solid one. I do believe I am having more fun in these couple of weeks than I have had almost all semester. I will be sad to leave these friends... but It will be good to have a change of atmosphere.

Still can't believe my sister is graduating high school TOMORROW, and I won't be there :(


P.S. Bought some new shades... what do you think?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day One of Intersession Fun

The time: 9:56 am

I am sitting at the deserted front desk in the Sears Lobby, and listening to all of my Keane on shuffle. Honestly, Keane is the best band in the whole world, why aren't you listening to them right now? If you want to be exactly like me you would be listening to "Nothing in My Way" or "Bad Dream" at this very moment.

I haven't been contacting home much lately, but its because I truly haven't had the time. There are only two R.A.s for intersession... which means Madison and I have been pretty tied up. We've been checking girls in, working desk, going to church, working more desk, and so on. Then, outside of that I've been hanging out with friends as much as I can before this class takes up my life.

Throughout the past several days I have celebrated two birthdays, seen "Bridesmaids" in theatres, hung out at the Underground, got sushi, had a picnic, and watched the Survivor season finale with some amazing friends!

I don't have a lot of good photos, but I have some. Here they are:

I'm not entirely sure why, but I feel like I can't write a blog and post anything unless I have a few of my own pictures to go with it. Sorry that these are kind of bad quality: but they're mine, and I own up to them.

What is on the agenda for today you ask? Well, I have class for FIVE HOURS this afternoon. After that, its dinner, homework, friends, and I NEED to go for a walk/jog/run something. I woke up an hour early today so that I could exercise this morning, but I couldn't do it because our main doors have been acting strangely. I didn't think they would let me back in to work or shower! yikes. So I just went back to bed and planned on exercise after dinner at some point this evening.

I really do want to exercise everyday (obviously not to burn me out) but even if it is just a little bit each day, like walking, it will be something. I need that "something" I just wish I had more time in the summer to exercise than what I already have available.I just remember how I enjoyed exercise last summer. I had a lot of sucky stuff happen that summer, but exercise (an God) got me through it.

It would be really nice if I had an exercise buddy for these next two weeks. bah! oh well.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not a Creature Was Stirring

It is 2:34 pm here in Searcy, Arkansas, and it is quiet. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful it is to be in the spacious lobby of Sears Dormitory and not hear: yelling, singing, running, blah blah blah.... Its just quiet. This can be easily explained; all of the freshmen are gone. It is such a relief to not have to worry about them anymore.

Today, I spent a good amount of time organizing my new room for intersession. Its just in a different hallway, but it is always very exciting for me to decorate. I have to keep telling myself "Angela, you are only going to live here for two weeks. Don't get too excited about it." but, I can't help it. I love setting up my room and imagining my cool life while I live there.

I am pretty lucky when it comes to the room and roommates. I am the R.A. so I am alone in my room and there is only one other girl in the suite. Which means we won't have to fight over the bathroom and it probably won't get very messy! Yay!

I will be working a TON these next two weeks. MY class is five hours long everyday and on top of that I am working 17 hours both weeks. I know this doesn't sound like a lot, but while school is in session, it feels like a lot. This past semester I had 6 hours per week and I gave most of them away. This will be my opportunity to make up for lost times. I am really glad that I am getting to work as much as I am. As a matter of fact, I am working for four hours right now. :)

Hopefully, when I get back to Indianapolis, I can work even more than that and really start saving up for my next abroad adventure. That is my priority anyway. Next summer I would like to go to Europe with a friend or two and travel to places like London, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, blah blah... etc. I will have to narrow it down and actually decide on where I want to go. But I think I will be able to manage something.

Its all HUA's fault. If I hadn't gone to Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan in a single semester, I wouldn't feel this overwhelming desire to keep traveling. Last fall turned me into a nomad. I feel like it is wrong for me to live anywhere for longer than three weeks to a month. So, I am planning on traveling around a ton next summer. Maybe not the whole summer but probably (hopefully) a month.

Aside from all of the travel, I know I went on a complaining rampage last night when I posted about feeling fat. I did feel pretty tubby. But, starting today, I am turning over a new leaf. I have been eating healthy all day AND I am going to continue with that pattern for the rest of the day. Even though I am going to go celebrate Carter Wright's birthday tonight.

We are all going to the sushi cafe! I can't wait to eat some, but I will admit, I haven't had any sushi since I was living at Broadbeach in Australia... So, it's been a while, who knows if this will be as good. It will, certainly, be healthy (which is my plan).

In final I shall leave you with this picture of a puppy that some girl brought into our dorm yesterday. I LOVE small animals.


Now... if I could just get some coffee.....

Fat Friday

You know when you're a teenager and you have a zit on your face that could burst at any minute? Well, that's how my stomach feels right now. I can't tell you how guilty I feel about pigging out, every time I do it. I want to be healthy, I truly want to be in shape, but I have this mental block right now, preventing me from making these healthy decisions.

So now, here I sit in my room, alone, feeling sick to my stomach because of all the crap I ate. I wish I could just make myself make these healthy decisions... So here's the deal. I am writing this on here so that I can try to drill it in my head that I NEED to be healthy. I need to be careful about portion controls. I don't want to gain back all of the weight I lost last summer. So, starting tomorrow: I am getting back on track. NO MORE SWEETS!

I really need encouragement on this. I need people to tell me I can do it... I need people to believe that I will do it. The goal is to be swimsuit ready by the 2nd week of August. Which means, that starting MONDAY: Exercise needs to be included in my everyday schedule.

Blah. I don't want to be freshman year Angela again. NEVER again.

What else,

I am so ready to be home this summer. But I've got two LONG weeks left.

wish me luck. I will need it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Finals Week DoWop

This weekend has truly flown by! And, what a great weekend it was. Luckily for me, I had the supreme pleasure to go to the Beta Omega Chi formal with none other than, THE Ellis Thomas Zeigler! He was a great date and we had a wonderful time.

There's something fun about dressing up and going out. It makes me feel like a grown up, real life, barbie. Not that I have a 7 foot tall neck... or anything, because we all know that Barbie is EXTREMELY disproportionate. But, I don't dress up all that often. I hate to say that normally its all about convenience for me. I throw on a T shirt and jeans... then I am out the door. Regardless, I truly enjoy dressing up. I think the fact that I don't do it that often makes it even more special for me.

At the event we ate some delicious food, and watched some unbelievable entertainment from the Queens... (which includes me) and a dance routine that put Lady Gaga to shame.

After the formal wrapped up, a bunch of us went to the old bridge in Judsonia to sing some awesome devotional songs. It was a great night and a wonderful end to the semester.

Now, Its Finals week. I just took a final for my Old Testament class, and despite my studying... I was disappointed to see that our teacher included information that was NOT covered in our study guide. Why would he do this? I don't know. Probably just to torment us. bah.

Tomorrow, I have my Photography Final... we don't have to study, just show up at Midnight Oil, coffee shop, with our final projects. :) I smell caffeine.

Aside from finals, I am trying to take my room apart and pack it away. Everything is off of my walls and all of my books are packed away. Normally this is sad, but I am not going to let it get to me.

Well, That is about all for now. More later...


P.S. My cousin Lauren is in the Hospital giving BIRTH! YAY!

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6th

Okay, everyone has waited long enough. Here's the summary of my painting this semester. I hope you can see the growth. I am excited because I feel like I am really improving.

Today was the last day of classes. Thank goodness. Soon I will be home and working back at segway of Indiana.

Can't wait!

Here are some photos of Carter and R.C.'s surprise birthday party this evening.

Love them


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Queen Entertainment

Here I am. It is 12:40 am.

Why am I up? Well, I am editing the BOX Queen entertainment video. Hopefully it turns out good because it will be my first impression as entertainment... as a queen. Also hopefully... it doesn't take as long as I think its gonna take. But lets be real.

Regardless of how long it takes, I KNOW it will be worth it, because BOX is worth it. Those men are such great guys, you should know them.

I finished my painting. Not gonna show it on here though. You'll have to see it in real life.

The only problem is trying to find a frame for it. I need to find one soon or I am in big trouble! Trip to Little Rock tomorrow...


(photos courtesy of Ellis Thomas Zeigler's external hard drive).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May!

I hope everyone is having a splendid weekend! Good news, My grandpa is out of the hospital, but I think they're still trying to figure out somethings about his back pain. Keep him in your prayers.

I am really excited because the book series I have been reading is coming out with a graphic novel! Its the Mortal Instruments series and I love the idea of there being some images to look at. Apparently they're also trying to make it into a movie. This is great news and not so great news. I can't decide if I like the idea of a film or not. In one sense I think it would be cool to see the story unfold visually... but I also have this perfect vision of what I imagine the characters and settings to be like. I am happy about the graphic novel, but I am not so sure about the movie.

In other news, My painting is going really very well. I am hoping to be finished within the next couple of days. Here's a picture of the progress:

I am really loving the process of painting this. I want so badly to make painting work for my life. I need to find a way to make it work, because I am so obsessed with it. Here are just some random shots of my workspace.

Right now, it seems like my schoolwork is winding down. All thats left to do is fun stuff! (and I have to study for a couple of tests... but just a few).


One Month Left

I feel like things from this semester are starting to fall into place. Well, not all things; some things are falling out of place, but when it comes to school work, things are looking up.

In painting, my copy of a master is coming along really well. I am satisfied with how my efforts have paid off so far. For some reason I've really been able to get a lot done, which I am happy about. The goal this semester was to have straight A's and I think it is reachable... but it is still very dependent on several subjective assignments... so I guess we'll see.

Socially, it feels like things are getting out of whack for me. I think in the past month I've had a similar problems with two different friends and I have realized that I have issues. Sometimes I sit and think about how awesome I am and don't realize that I have faults until I am confronted with it by someone else. This has happened twice. And while I don't really understand one situation and the other, I don't feel I was at fault... it makes me question my skills as a friend.

I've always considered myself a fairly loyal person; I like to have fun and chill out, but I am going to have to be much more careful about certain aspects of myself... faults if you will. Lots of prayer and determination is on the menu.

Other than that, we had our last ChiO function of the semester yesterday. It was themed "Transformers Capture the Flag." I don't know why but some events just aren't as fun when you have to plan them yourself. This is why I don't want a whole lot of planning to go into my wedding in the future. I really want it to be quick, efficient, and easy.... okay an romantic and pretty... blah blah. But I just, I realized that I do not always enjoy the events that I plan. This is kind of a bummer.

I have a month: that is 4 weeks until I come home. It feels both soon and distant. Everyone else has merely two weeks. But I am staying for intersession. Two weeks extra of intense art history. Sounds splendid don't you think?

Anyway, I am going to be a resident assistant... again. for those two weeks. hopefully that can help pay for the cost of it.

I think that's about it for now.