Thursday, June 3, 2010

ANTS!!! Go Home!

It happens every year (probably because my bed is right up against the window). I just now found an ant in my bed!!! Now, I'm an outdoorsy girl. I would LOVE to hike the Appalachian trail and don't mind sleeping out under the stars one bit, but I don't like it when nature decides to invade my space.

Despite the little buggies that sometime end up in my covers. I refuse to move my bed far from the window. I love looking out of it at night. ESPECIALLY when the moon is full. I shines on my face as I sleep and I love it's company. In addition, my window faces the east so every morning I get the pleasure of watching the sun rise. Perhaps this is why I literally cannot sleep past 8:30 every morning! Dang.

Whats new? hmm. Not too much. The days are starting to blend together. Sleep-wake up-work-walk-sleep-wake up-work.... i could go on and on. Little things happen here and there that are notable.

for example, today Lauren Grelle and I got utterly drenched at work. Segwaying and rain make for and interesting combination.

More notably, I got to talk to a certain person tonight on the phone. It was a refreshing, relaxing, and renewing experience for me. It makes the waiting less difficult.

In other news. A massage may be in my near future. Who knows.

Peace and Love

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