Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More TIme... For Waiting...


He's not here and yes, that is a little bit of a bummer for me. Even though, I know I should be absolutely overjoyed. I think this is where my "sinful nature" surfaces. I find so much selfishness in my life all the time. Why should I be bummed about this at all? Its important to go home and relax after being gone for so long. I am glad he's at home with his family.

I'm just feeling a bit lonely at home. Reason: Friends are sort of M.I.A. Alyson is in Texas. Stacee and Nicole aren't around much. At least work is keeping me busy.

It will be fine though. I knew it would be hard to do this "long distance" thing. I just didn't realize how hard it would be until I had to actually start doing it. However... I still truly believe its worth it. I'm willing to be patient and wait for it.

In all things, I am reminded that God has a hand in the whole thing. I pray everyday that he will be involved in this process and that he will guide it all. I need to place my security in him, so I will have no worries about anything.

In other news. I really want to make a pinata. Don't ask why. I think mainly its because I just need to do something with my hands to occupy my time. I have, however, been spending a lot of my time with my mom. Yesterday we went for a walk and traveled a little over 6 miles! I really enjoy the times we have together. She really helps me focus my thoughts and guide my thinking in a spiritual point of view.

Anyway, this is a really stupid blog and I'm going to stop now. Most likely I'll find a reason to delete this one later.

Peace and Love

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  1. It's not a dumb blog!! There is nothing wrong with missing him at all. The want to actually be with him is totally understandable... I can remember when I hadn't seen Eric in about a month and not being able to remember the way he smelt too or the way his arms felt around me. It is an incredibly lonely feeling that is nearly impossible to be filled by anyone else. You shouldn't feel dumb. AT. ALL.