Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sisterhood Separation Anxiety and Balliver

Bonne Matin, everyone!

This week has been going by entirely too quickly. I can't believe it's already Thursday. This actually makes me slightly sad, or not quite sad, but just a little blue. My little sister is going back to school tomorrow morning. 

It seems to me like school crept up on everyone! Maybe it's because I'm not going back, or because part of my summer was spent shivering in New Zealand. It just seems like it's been a shorter summer. Either way, Harding University is taking my sweet sister away from me tomorrow morning. 

I can't really say that I'm happy about it. Of course, I'm excited for her. This is her junior year, and she gets to spend her spring semester in South America! However, I haven't spent any real time away from her in 3...4 years? I haven't actually taken time to prepare myself for not seeing her everyday. Of course, she went through this for 3 years before she joined me at school, so I guess it's fair. What goes around comes around.

However, I'm planning on spending labor day with her in Hot Springs, Arkansas. So, I don't have to wait all that long to see her! I can't explain it, but Andrea and I are sisters and best friends. I trust her entirely. 

In an effort not to dwell on these sad thoughts I'll update you on my life. 

I'm still searching for a full-time job. This is intimidating, but actually kind of fun. I love feeling like the world is full of opportunities. I do feel discouraged from time to time, but that's only when I'm not actively searching. Of course, Yahoo News doesn't help. If I have to read one more article about how Millenials are doomed, liberal arts majors are doomed, or how everyone should either be a nurse or engineer, I am going to roll my eyes so powerfully, it will change the earth's orbit. Then we'll all be doomed. 

In other news...

Monday was our official family day of the summer. I asked off for work, and we all went canoeing. This is something we, as a family, tried to do several years ago. So, we were excited that we were finally had the opportunity to hit water. 

Andrea and I were canoeing partners, while mom and Dad were together. I'd have to say the highlight of the trip was watching my parent's canoe capsize while they were going through some rapids. Mom blames Dad, of course, but I don't care who was at fault. Just thinking about it makes me laugh all over again! I can't stop picturing their faces as the splashed tumultuously into the water. 

We were all good sports, and worked to empty out the canoe. Unfortunately, Dad hurt his back in the process, but the cookies didn't get wet...so no one was really upset with the incident. 

Also! We made a friend. A cute little dog appeared out of the forest, and followed us around. I named him Balliver (don't ask me why). He followed us for a very long time (he even swam around our canoes). Then he decided to leave us when we passed a creepy guy on one of the beaches. I didn't really like this guy very much, because he held up a sign that read, "BEER FOR BOOBS." I guess, Balliver liked the boob guy, because he stayed with him. 

Anyway, It was a good day with great weather. The event didn't help eradicate my chaco tan lines, but I did get to see a very good looking guy, ride a big tractor (as a city girl, I never thought I'd be attracted to that). 

So now, I'm back to the grindstone. Work as been pretty chill lately; most people are done with their family vacations, so we are busiest on the weekends, and fairly slow on the weekdays. I'm working in the afternoon today, but the DeCamp girls are going to lunch at our favorite restaurant, Santorini's! It's supposed to be a special last meal with Andrea before she leaves us. 

And now, we're back to me moping about the whole Andrea leaving situation. So, I'll leave you there. Hopefully, I'll have more exciting things to tell you about next time!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Online Dating Fiasco, Cleared Up

Alright ladies and gents, 

Perhaps I was a little too harsh on the whole "online dating hating." I feel like I should make a few things clear:

1. I didn't join because I'm so incredibly lonely and can't imagine another minute alone with my best friend: Candy Crush. 

2. I didn't join to prove some point to my friends. 

3. I didn't join to try to forget about my little crush on Richard Armitage (okay, I did).

So stop judging me! virtual glare

Basically, I joined because I had time, and thought it might be kind of fun. I want to emphasize that I'm NOT seriously worried about my love life. I've been single for a while, but I don't feel doomed or anything. Really, I just had a couple of random people give me rave reviews, and told me to give it a try. 

If you know me, you know that I am always willing to try something strange. So, there you have it. 

This is why I'm posting my review on here. I thought, maybe, just maybe, you guys might want to know what online dating is like, but you're too scared people will make fun of you. Because, let's face it, you would make fun of you. Really, you should be thanking me. 

I also want to say that I really haven't even been on this website for longer than a week. So, I suppose it's possible for my opinion to change.  There is a chance that I could meet a normal-ish guy. Right? Ha ha, I'm laughing to myself right now. 

On a serious, non-sarcastic note, I have realized that I truly value meeting people in person rather than on the internet. I can't say I'm very shy, so the fear of meeting people at random hasn't really ever been an issue for me. I think this fear could be what drives more people my age to join dating websites. 

I think this might be one of my biggest aversions to the online dating scene so far. I love the thrill of running into someone in a coffee house, or at the park, who is just an awesome human being. It's like, you're not expecting to meet anyone, so when it does happen by chance, it's even more exciting. 

I feel like online dating really takes away that thrill of the unexpected meeting, the serendipity effect (as like to call it). You know when you join a dating site, that you will be faced with meeting random people all the time. In a lot of ways, it ruins the magic of meeting people organically. 

However, I do understand that plenty of people just don't have time, or are too into their routine to really break out of their shell, and meet new people. I can't really give people a hard time for that. I'm sure it can be discouraging to keep living your life, hoping to meet someone new...and just failing because they never have the opportunity to even try. 

This is not me. I'm at a point in my life where I can really start doing anything I want. I don't yet have a traditional full-time job (working on it, guys). I'm a girl in transition. Maybe that's why it feels wrong for me to be on the site. I'm not condemned to a life of routine, yet. I've got a world full of opportunities, and I'm only 24 years old. So yeah, When the month is up...I probably won't renew it. 

But that doesn't mean, we can't have fun while it lasts right? I'll be happy to put some of my embarrassing experiences on here. As long as you don't judge me for giving this a shot. 

Until then...

Aroha, Angela

Creepiness of the Day: "BigRed" online sent me an instant message that read: Hey Angel! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Should Have Waited 6 Years

Okay guys, I need to fess up to something I did. Something...I'm kind of ashamed of. 

I signed up for online dating on match.com. Yep, paid for a month subscription and everything (actually, my Mom paid for it...but lets not hold that against anyone). 

I know what you're doing now: laughing, rolling your eyes, heavily sighing, "tsk tsk"-ing, deciding once and for all that I really am as ridiculous as you originally thought. Yeah, I'm actually doing those same things right now too. 

At least let me defend my reasons for signing up. 

1. I've been out of state at school for 5 years. I'd like to date, but I honestly don't know anyone to even make connections.

2. I really hate the "club scene." I just feel like it isn't a great environment for really meeting the type of people I'm looking for.

3. Most people say they'll wait until their 30 to try online dating... but I thought, "Gee, If I don't want to have to wait until then, why not just give it a try now, while I'm young, attractive, and my eggs aren't yet at risk of drying up into a fine white powder (They don't do that, but wouldn't that be weird)? I'd rather not wait around forever."

4. I've had several friends who had great luck online dating. One of them is in a pretty serious relationship right now, and really loves the guy. 

5. Let's be real: I've got nothing better to do.

So basically I thought I'd set up an account, and see what happened. I have to say, I started out pretty optimistic about the whole thing. I think that's one of my better qualities; if I don't know what to expect, I anticipate a positive outcome. This, however has been one of those times I've been somewhat disappointed.

I made my profile Saturday? Friday? and at first it went well. I had tons of emails and winks from guys and I couldn't wait to check them out. Could it really be that easy? I thought. I just...email a guy I think is right for me? But oh, how wrong I've been so far. 

The only guys who seem to like me are 40+ years old and really unattractive. My profile says I'm looking for people a little closer to my age. It also says I'm looking for Christians. So, why do the opposite types of guys keep sending me creepy little winks? 

Guys, do you know what these winks say to me? Hi, I'd like to use your shampoo as cereal milk. or I think you'd like me, after you got used to my over active sweat glands. I don't mean to be picky. I know these guys are out here just looking for love. But, I wish they'd respect what my preferences are. 

Also, you know how I mentioned that most people don't give into online dating until they're 35...this is true. I thought, for some reason, there might be more guys on there who were my age. It's not awful; there are a handful of good prospects. It's just the young guys aren't winking at me, and the old guys (who could've gone camping with my Dad as a cub scout) are. 

What is wrong with this world!? 

So here we go. I'm going to keep it going for this month, since my mom I paid for it. But unless something balls-awesome happens...I'm just going to close up my account. I can't handle feeling like a 13 year old girl in the middle ages, who just started her period. You know, like now all the creepy old rich lords want to marry the little kid, and make little babies.

Maybe I should've just waited until I was 30.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Current Condition

Alright, It's time for an update on my post graduate adventures (if you'd call them that). Really, I could just call it post graduate existings, or post graduate barely making ends meet, but living in denial. Personally, I think "adventures," has a more positive connotation. 

Really it's not all that bad; I'm being dramatic. There are highs and lows to being in my position. What position? I've made a list.

Angela's Current Life Condition:
  • Living with Mom and Dad
  • Working part-time, searching for full-time
  • Exercising rarely, because of an inconvenient groin injury
  • Studio in the garage, along with the spiders, mosquitos and various other creepy crawlies 
  • Watching sappy T.V. shows and BBC mini series on the internet
  • Dying inside drinking Folgers coffee (curse you robusta beans!)
  • Dull shower razor makes for strange leg bumps. 
  • Not having a whole lot of bills to pay...yet (so that's good). 
These are just a few random things. I'm just trying to give you an idea of where I'm at. I suppose it all sounds negative. I could list some of the positives. 

The Good Stuff:
  • Mom and Dad are pretty fun. I'm not afraid to say it.
  • Part-time work gives me more time to meet new people, and do artwork. 
  • Less intense workouts, gives me more time and energy to go on walks with my Mom.
  • There is a lot of natural light in the garage with the doors open. 
  • ...More Richard Armitage lust love? This could actually be a bad thing. I should stop (I'm not going to stop. Thank you BBC). 
  • Drinking bad coffee makes me appreciate the good stuff (yay arabica).
  • Dull razors make me shave less which, I guess keeps me warm in the cold air conditioning.
  • YAY! NO BILLS! More opportunity to save in the future. 
So there you go. Some good stuff. I wanted to write more about some of the actual things I'm doing right now, but my parents are really distracting me, talking about how our dog, "trots" regally. 
"You look like a king! You walk like a king, Leo!" -Dad
Well, I'll leave it there for now. I may write a little more later today but for now, this is it.