Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last of 2010

This is the blog where I talk about all of my resolutions for the New Year. I feel like New Years resolutions are really… just a big joke. However, I like stetting goals because it feels like I’m making steps in the right direction. I’ve found that when I at least set goals, I end up accomplishing them. Blah Blah Blah…. Words of wisdom…. Okay, I’m going to set them now.

1. Finally make it to the “ideal weight” my doctor set for me.
2. Keep up with fitness and make healthy nutrition choices.
3. Read my bible more often.
4. Paint a lot… I really need to create a diverse body of work.
5. Be a good R.A. and keep an open mind about things.
6. Be a good friend to everyone who needs it.
7. Put an end to all of my procrastination.
8. Improve my GPA more and more each semester.
9. Cut it out with gossip. Try to do less of it.
10. Do my best with the things I commit to do: Activities Director, R.A., Painter, Spring Sing... etc.
11. Work at being happy everyday, no matter my predicament.
12. Be more giving to my community.
13. Get more people to sign up for HUA!

Well… I guess that’s it for now. I’ve got to go take a walk with my family. No complaints there.

Peace and Love (P.S. I am coming up with a new phrase for the new year because this one is just so cliché).


Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Assortment of January Stories

Here I am, sitting in the living room, watching Regis and Kelly. Words cannot describe how much I enjoy this show.

This morning I slept through my alarm at 7am. Then I slept through the one at 8am. I didn't wake up until my mom texted me and said, "Robert Downey Jr is on T.V." With that message I soared out of bed and into my sock-monkey slippers with a speed that could start turning the earth in the opposite direction. I barely remember even stopping to pee in the bathroom.

And then I remembered... it's my Daddy's Birthday! So when I reached the downstairs, I gave him a big hug and then plopped down on the rightfully-named Lazy boy chair and stared at the screen in front of me. Oh Robert Downey Jr. ha ha.

What's the plan for today? Hmm, well I'd like to work out a bit. I think the whole family is going to go see "True Grit." in the theatre. It should be fun.

Yesterday, Andrea and I went to Grandma and Boo Boo's house. I feel like I've developed a very special relationship with them over the last few years. They mean so much to me and I always look forward to visiting them. Well anyway, they wanted to take us out to lunch before we were both back in school. Luckily, we went to my favorite restaurant in Indianapolis, Santorini's Greek Kitchen. MMM! I ordered the Souvlaki, which by the way, is absolutely delicious. Everyone wanted an appetizer so Grandma ordered their flaming cheese. The waiters bring it out, light it on fire, and shout "Oppah!" Then you eat the cheese on some wonderful pita bread. sigh, it was a great meal.

Here's the building, they recently had a fire, but quickly renovated.

The flaming cheese...

This is our waiter... literally, that's him. I've seen him before in Santorinis and I could have swore that he was Paul Giamatti. But he isn't and he's a pretty nice guy if you ask me.

Afterwards, we ended up going to a grocery store. Grandma gave me a couple of bucks and told me to go in and buy five slightly green bananas. So, I went in on my own and grabbed some bananas. I couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable, because I was on my own and we were downtown-ish. There were some sketchy people in there... and they started talking to me. Except, they were really nice! That's what I get for judging people before I know them. The one man saw my tattoo and said it looked very cool. Somehow we started chatting about how I got it in Australia and recently got back from my trip abroad. It was a very satisfactory meeting. I have met more stuck up, angry, rude people in the suburbs.

Anyway, that's what's been going on. I think I'll save more posts for later.

Peace and Love (I am tired of writing this stupid phrase, because I think it is cheesy... But I keep doing it because I've done it everytime).

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Fainted.

Ugh, I may have taken things a little far this morning. I've decided to jump back on the "exercise" bandwagon (whatever that means). So, this morning I woke up at 8am, ate frosted mini wheats, and went for a lovely run. It was great. I was setting a good pace and I wanted to make it to four miles without stopping or slowing.

I did it, but immediately after I'd stopped running and started walking, I got light headed and passed out... like fainted... like a stupid helpless baby. I hung over the top of the machine and my legs kept walking at 2.5 mph. Somehow I regained consciousness and realized that I should turn the machine off. I did and finally made my way over to the couch. My tooth hurt. I guess I'd hit it on my way down.

I didn't think that four miles was that bad. In the summer I was running about 6 miles most days. Of course, I'd built myself up to that gradually, but I guess I wasn't quite ready for the intensity of that run. oops.

Good news, I am going to run tomorrow. I won't let falling down, keep me down! ha ha. Thats the thing about goals, even if you're having a difficult time, you've got to keep getting up and trying again.

But, maybe I'll give myself a little bit of a break and lower the intensity next time.

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It snowed last night. My Dad is outside shoveling snow off of our driveway. He did it yesterday too, which is kind of funny because now he has to do it again. I love the snow.

After months of basically warm weather it is strange and wonderful to see it everywhere. Its pretty rare to see this much snow in Indianapolis before Christmas. I've seen more snow than earth over the past two weeks. When I was little, I used to stay up late and pray for a "White Christmas." There was one year, I started praying near Thanksgiving and begged God everyday to "Just please let us have a White Christmas. It would be so wonderful."

Its pretty neat because it did snow that year, but most of the time it didn't snow. It was usually to warm. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I just heard the meteorologist say it. We have snow showers on Christmas! I think that just adds to the magic of it all. Maybe its cliché but Christmas is my favorite holiday. There's just so much you can do with it.

I love the wrapped boxes. I love the lead up. Even if I get a bunch of useless junk as presents... for me, its all of the events that lead up to that morning. Maybe it's childish to be this excited for Christmas, but I don't really care.

I am so lucky! I get to rush downstairs with my little sister and spend Christmas morning in our cozy family room with my parents, grandparents, and a cup of joe. There's something truly wonderful about cuddling up with my Grandpa and Grandma.

I can't wait for someday when I have my own family and have the opportunity to make Christmas a wonderful experience for them.

Sorry for ranting all about Christmas. I can't help myself!

Peace and Love!!! (and goodwill towards men?)

Photos from Christmases past.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angela: The Christmas Slave.

Hello Blog!

Its a wonderful Thursday morning during my extra long Christmas break. I love that this vacation is 6 weeks long, because if I were back in high school it would only be 15 days long. LAME. I remember sitting in high school French class counting down the days until my christmas break and complaining about how short it would be.

Now a days, I am actually looking forward to going back to school. I feel confident about who I am and I'm glad I've finally figured it out. Its kind of funny how that happens, and then inevitably, I have to figure it out again. That's life in a constantly changing world.

So, what's been going on lately? Tuesday, I went shopping ALL-DAY-LONG. There is one blister on each of my pinky toes, a painful souvenir. But I'd do it again... its all for the sake of CHRISTMAS! I baked some cookies on Monday... I think?

Yesterday, I spent hours wrapping presents until it felt like my back would never straighten out again. I think I’ve discovered how so many old women get the old lady “hump.” Oh crap, I just had this terrible image of me as Quasimodo ringing bells and wrapping presents like some kind of a drooling sleep deprived maniac. Actually, I’m not so sure that the vision is far from the truth. It won’t be long before I start talking to Santa Claus figurines asking them for advice on my love life.

I am only twenty-one years old! I shouldn’t be a slave to the holidays yet! Aren’t most people immune to these terrors until they have their own families? I’m not even dating anyone… I shouldn’t have to be “Santa’s little helper” until I’m 28 at the earliest.

Anyway, I got all of MY presents wrapped. It is good to have it out of the way, but I am the only one in my family finished. The only presents under our tree are my presents and the one from my Aunt and Uncle. Its not too exciting to look at the wrapped packages and knowing the contents of 98% of them. It takes the mystery out of it.

But really it hasn’t been too bad. I am hoping to go over to my Grandparents house tomorrow. I would have gone today but it snowed a lot and I don’t feel like it would be wise to try and make an expedition when I haven’t been a driver for three months. So, perhaps tomorrow I’ll get over that way.

Then, on Saturday, I am going to participate in a 5K run/walk downtown! I am really excited about this, because I don’t think I’ve ran in a public event in years. The only memories I have are mom or my elementary school gym teachers making me run little races with classmates. Then of course there was Mom and Dad making me run around the yard for all the neighbors to see, as punishment for any rule breaking. Growing up is the pits.

Thankfully, that part of my life is over. Now that I’m past the scarring… I enjoy running. It will be fun to go for a happy little run among friends, or random strangers.

Well… I suppose that’s it for now. Gotta run! No, really. I’ve got to go run.

My sister, me, and my cousin Courtney.

Peace and Love!

P.S. Bad news on the internet front. Apparently I won't have it again until Monday... SOooooo If you need to get ahold of me. Please call the cell. Here's a photo of Dad and me at Panera bread, mooching off of their free internet. Thank you panera. Thank you.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Day Is It Again?

Today is Saturday... I think?

This whole week has been a blur but its been a pleasant blur. I've been looking for some seasonal employment, but even though I am back before most people are out of school... it may end up being pretty difficult to find anything. I kind of knew this beforehand but it can't hurt to be hopeful.

Christmas in my mind is very odd. I feel like I should be buzzing around the house with Christmas cheer, but instead I wander around like a zombie and fight to stay awake when 5pm rolls around.

I tried to trim my fingernails last night. Unfortunately I was only 60% successful before I got to tired then lost my nail clippers.

My bedroom is in a constant state of chaos. All of my clothes have been washed, folded, and put away but for some reason there are still a ton of random possessions littering my room. It makes me feel like I am back in the polluted streets of Hanoi.

Well, coffee and bagels are calling, and I am not one to ignore that call.

Peace and Love!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Tidings!

It is about 5:30 am here at home in Indiana. I am wide awake. This is an improvement from yesterday when I woke up at 4:00am and just tried to sleep for 45 minutes.

It seems weird to think I was wandering around Tokyo, Japan just a few short days ago, like a dream. You know, "they" all said I would miss it, and I do. I miss being able to sleep in until 8am thats for sure.

However, flying to Indiana was not too bad. I was able to get a clear view out of my airplane window of a marvelous snow covered landscape that truly filled my heart with joy. Then, running to my parents in the airport was like a scene from a movie; it was emotional and perfect in every way.

Since then I've been chilling out. I went to visit my radio teacher from high school, Steve George, and I was able to pop in and visit a few of my other favorite teachers, Susan Tomlinson and Kristy Donley. While visiting, Steve George said I should look into being a substitute teacher over the break. So, I am looking into that. I just want to try and make a few extra bucks before I go back to school.

I got an email from one of my friends at school asking if I were interested in doing the comics for our school paper at Harding. Its a paying job and right up my ally, so I responded enthusiastically. Hopefully that means I get it!

I changed my hair up a bit. Hello bangs! I feel like after this trip, I have truly become the "Angela DeCamp" I was born to be. I am glad to be me and ready to follow where God leads me. More posts later!

Peace and Love

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peace Out HUA

Here I am sitting in the Narita Airport. Japan... I am about to board a plane to Detroit and then fly to Indianapolis! HOME! I am beyond excited for this.

I have loved Tokyo... really the whole world! Its been an interesting several days. First I had fun at Tokyo Disney, then Victoria Partee and I got completely lost on our way home. We ended up having to stay one night in a random hotel... we had no idea where we were. We made it to a warm bed by 3am. What a disaster... an awesome disaster.

Yesterday I hit up Shibuya and Harajuku... and more. It was really quite fun. We ate dinner at a place where you have to order your meal from a vending machine. Then a lady came out and gave us food. It was beef, corn, pepper, and rice sizzling in a hot plate. We got to cook it right in front of our eyes! It was so delicious and I am really good at eating with chopsticks. Just saying.

And now, I am on my way home. A place where dreams really do come true: Indiana. ha ha. I love my home so I am very excited. Its going to be a good long while before I get there... but I don't mind. I am finally going to get to WASH MY CLOTHES!!!!!!!!... and where deoderant... (crickets)... yeah.

I don't really have a lot of time in detroit before I have to board my next flight to Indy, so just pray that I make it. I have to get all of my bags and go through customs and all that jazz. bleh.

Serious Stuff:

Do I feel different? I don't know. I feel sick of fast food. I don't really know if I am a changed person. I guess I probably am. I am definitely thankful for the trip regardless. My Parents and Grandparents have been so kind and wonderful by making this trip happen. I could never have dreamed of a trip as wonderful as this one was. I've had some great memories and some less than great... but I wouldn't change a thing.

Peace and Love!