Thursday, June 17, 2010

Walking Through Acton

Good Morning all!

In case you were wondering, I slept well (had another weird dream) but I slept pretty well. I think I am going to have to just accept that I don't have much control over some of my dreams. They're going to center around what is on my mind. Anyway, it was a good dream. I won't complain.

I think I'm just going to be dreaming a lot this week. Usually I, periodically, go through about a week of dreaming every night. It's exciting and I love remembering my dreams... well, most of em'

On another note. I went on another walk with my mom yesterday. It always helps me feel happier and happier. I promised I would post pictures from some of the walk so... here goes!

We found some corn!!!... Oh wait, it's Indiana. It found us.

I had to pee on one of the LONG walks.... and This is where I did it! (p.s. the grass was pretty freaking tall, which made is sort of difficult).

The little stop light thing is functional... it's just not "real." Mom and I go when it's green, walk slow when it's yellow, and stop when it's red.

The building is creepy and old. I have a suspicion that there's like some secret organization that meets there. You can see all sorts of chandeliers in the upper windows.

I love the views of Acton! Especially the basketball court that is literally on grass... not pavement. They even have these chairs for people to sit out and watch it.


This is where we walk to, "Ma Kettle's House"

Anyway. That is what a walk through Acton Indiana Looks like.

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