Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Weekend Update

Today is one of those days where I don't really have much of an idea of what I want to post. But, I am working the front desk of sears so I really don't have much else better to do.

What have I been up to? PAINTING. It has become my life this semester and hopefully for many years to come. I have such joy in my heart when I am creating a work of art that satisfies me, and I love thinking that my paintings could perhaps bring other people joy. There's no way I could ever give it up now that it is so embedded in my heart, so I am centering my life plan about one, loving God and two being able to paint.

Here are some in class photos:

I've made a lot of new friends this semester and rekindled old friendships as well. I am excited about this because my friendships here are, often times, more fulfilling than some at home. Not to say that my friendships in Indy are weak... they're just a little bit different. I think it may have to do with the fact that we don't live right next door to each other.

Health wise, I haven't been right on track being healthy like I've wanted to be. I've gained a couple of pounds since being back in the United States, but I anticipated this and I am not really upset about it. I still have an overall goal of where I want to be, but as long as I am trying to eat healthy and stay somewhat active, I don't really care. The problem is that I haven't been doing those two things. SO, I am cutting out sweets until spring break and hopefully the rest will fall in place.

The weather here has been fairly warm. I think I heard that it was supposed to be about 70 degrees outside. I am NOT complaining. I can't wait until it feels steamy like Singapore again. Speaking of Singapore. I am having HUA withdrawals. I've convinced two of the girls on my hall to sign up for the trip and last night I spent two hours looking through photos. I think I've got the "bug" and I am just itching to get out of the country again.

Oh, if you haven't heard, New Zealand could use prayers and support. Christchurch had another earthquake this past week and it is truly a tragedy. I can't believe that the people have had to suffer through another disaster... it just breaks my heart.

These are pictures from when I was in Christchurch just a few months ago. We climbed to the top of the tower in the cathedral.

That tower, the city's icon, is no longer there and a lot of people have been killed, injured, or misplaced from their homes.

On a different note... I mentioned that I am working the front desk. Well, it's Saturday and I definitely look rough. I figured that no one would be up and see me sitting here at the desk... WRONG! I look scary and everyone is walking in and out of the lobby. This is one mistake... I will probably make again.

Here are my plans for this weekend, I am going to go back to my room and study for my test in Visual Aesthetics. Its a class that discusses the philosophy of art and tries to answer the question, "What is art?" So, it's a pretty confusing class. Also, one of my good friends, Paige Walton, is having her senior art show on Sunday and I am definitely going to be there. She also has a blog! It is called "Handiwork" and you can find it on my side bar. Then inevitably, after everything else is done, I will end up painting... I always do.

Overall, I am satisfied with my life. I worry about money a lot even though I really shouldn't. But, for the most part I am doing what I love and what I feel called to do, so I can't complain. I truly live a blessed life.


Friday, February 25, 2011


Here's the deal! I am super excited about my future life. I know a lot of people expect me to fail at art and get a boring day job... but even if I can't support myself on art alone, I'll be fine. I just need to be able to keep making art.

Here's my plan for this summer. I need to find a great job, and I am confident that I will. I am looking at trying to go to New York or London... we'll see if that happens or not. If not, then I can always stay in Indianapolis and tack on a volunteering position at an art gallery or something.

We'll see. Regardless.... I am so excited about my future. I just know that God has this wonderful plan for me.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Exhaustion Blues

Today I am a tired mess with two pimples. One on my forehead and one in the center of my chin. It is only 7:20 and I am wondering if I could get by with a cup or two of coffee.... will I be able to get some sleep if I start drinking it right now?

Looks like I'm just going to go for it.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Blogger Award!

Okay... well, I was finally hit with the bogger award! One of my favorite girls in the world gave it to me: her name is Paige Walton. If you don't know her... I feel bad for you. She is one of the most kind and goofy girls I have ever had the pleasure to know, and she is one of the people I look up to the most in the art department. SO... Thank you, Paige, for choosing me to be the recipient of this "award."

Okay... Here are the rules:

1. Link back and thank the fabulous person who bestowed the amazing award on you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 7 other deserving and great bloggers
4. Contact the awarded bloggers to let them know of their award!

Well, I only have four that I can choose... and I am not really sure how to link to their blogs... so hopefully they still read mine!

1. Caamper's Thoughts
2. Thoughts and Happenings
3. Two Become Three
4. I'll Be The Harmony

Okay: 7 things to share

1. When I was a junior in high school, the summer before my senior year, I was downtown (in Indianapolis) while there was a big swimming event being held: The FINA world swimming championships. I was taking an intensive art class for several weeks that summer and during that particular week, a bunch of us girls dedicated a lot of time looking for Michael Phelps. We prowled the mall and searched the IUPUI campus during our lunch breaks, but had no success. Finally the last day of our course had come to a close and we still hadn't met Phelps.

That afternoon, the girls were driving back to the art building and dropped me off at the parking lot across the street. To my surprise a black range rover drove up behind them as they left. A guy in the car had his hat on backward and checked me out. I was taken aback because, I was a little bit on the chunkier side and was not used to getting hit on like that. Then realization hit. The mysterious man drove away in the direction of the natatorium... it was Michael Phelps. I am NOT making this up. Michael Phelps checked me out summer 2007.

2. I am ALWAYS in the mood to ride a carousel. There is something beautifully whimsical about riding a fake horse around in a circle to polka music. I think it would be fun to get engaged right after riding one. I wish that there were a good fantasy novel where the protagonist gets transported into a different world while on a carousel. I think the whole concept of the ride is just magical.

3. Hummus is the most delicious snack in the whole world. You want the key to my heart? Hummus. Maybe that's weird, but I just love it. It has the best and most addicting flavor I have ever tasted.

4. If I could play any part in any musical, it would be Eponine in Les Miserables. I had seen Les Mis, the film with Liam Neison, but that movie did not include the part of Eponine. When I finally saw the stage production I was awed and floored by the character. I love her solo, and enjoy singing it in the shower or when I am alone in my car.

5. My favorite flowers are snap dragons. My grandpa always grows them in the summer time and I remember him planting them for as long as I can remember. He showed me how if you squeeze the blossoms it looks like a little dragon snapping it's mouth. I always remember summers at my grandparents house whenever I see these flowers.

6. I named my car Erik because he has a big ol' dent in the side. It happened in the winter of 2009 on my way back to Harding. A fifteen year old with a learners permit rammed into me and ever since then my poor impala has been severely deformed. The name, "Erik." is also the name of the "Phantom of the Opera" in Gaston Leroux's classic novel. I think it is funny that the Phantom, Erik, has half of his face messed up and so does my car.

7. My current ringtone and FAVORITE disney song is "Gaston." I love how much it makes fun of modern masculinity.

Yay, the end.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Message To You, With Regards To Friday...

Well, here I am. You certainly put me in an awkward predicament. I've had some uncomfortable thoughts running through my mind all day.

I appreciate that you've tried to get in touch with me and "clarify" things, but I really can't trust you.

I have heard too many conflicting stories to understand your true character, and to be honest... whether you cheated on me or not, you've still hurt me tremendously in the past. That doesn't put me in the position to trust you. I've talked to others about some of the things you told me yesterday... and I am still getting some stories that don't quite add up. I don't want to hurt your feelings and I don't want you to feel like I am being unreasonable... but I don't know if we can ever be friends like you want us to be. I just don't think it would be wise.

I am really ready to be done with this whole situation, aren't you? I am completely fine with being civil, but I am a little to scared of the past to be sure that I can trust a solid friendship with you. If you care like you say you do, then I know you'll understand.

Please don't think this means I hate you. Please don't think it means I wish ill on you... because I don't. I just... I need some space from you. I need to live a life separate from you. I am not angry, but I feel like it would just be awkward to be friends.


Friday, February 4, 2011

I Don't Know You... Do I?

I keep finding myself in peculiar situations.

I spoke with someone today who I haven't spoken with in months (since August 30th 2010). I don't feel like it would be wise to go into detail about that one. I am still trying to digest all of the info I received from this interaction. It certainly didn't make anything clear. I have a lot of thinking to do... but I'm not truly worried about it. There's no point in worrying about it at all. The situation is so... It... It just feels like it happened lightyears ago... and here it is again, in front of my face.

I hate feeling like I will never know this person's character. Is he a good guy? Is he bad? Is it all relative? Does it matter what I think about this person? I don't know. But here is what I do know:

I am a different girl than the one I was even a few months ago. I understand things better. I can look back at my choices and understand my reasons for making them.

I don't regret anything.

The only direction is forward, and that's where I'm going.