Friday, June 18, 2010

Skyline Times

Today is an oddly emotional day, and by emotional I mean... the cheesy things on t.v. keep making me cry happy tears. I watched a bit of the Today Show and they had a bunch of children that the hosts took to the new Harry Potter theme park. It was cute because all the kids were so excited. But then they said why they took the kids... and it was because they saved all this money for some children in Haiti. It just moved me so much I had to cry a little. (any other day I would probably not care so much, but today I felt very touched).

Its been like that all morning. Weirdness. But I'm happy to feel so happy. I love hearing things about people helping other people. It makes me feel like man-kind isn't all as corrupt as everyone thinks.

Yesterday, I went to work. Normal right? WRONG!

Our owner, Chris, took Lauren and I to the Skyline Club with segways. We were supposed to teach Steve Hackman, an American Idol contestant from season 7 how to ride a segway. (he was cute and man... he could sing). Then we did some demo's for a big press meeting. It was weird, because I taught reporters that I'd watched on tv for years.

We also had FREE FOOD, Gormet...fancy pants...delicious food. there were so many forks and knives. But it was amazing. here are some photos from the event.

Peace and Love

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  1. WOW... that is awesome. How cool are you that you got to experience that!? I loved your pictures from the walk with your mom. I literally laughed out loud about you having to pee in that grass. BAHAHA. I miss you so much, chica!! I promise I have been keeping up with all your blogs, I just don't always have time to post a little note. And sorry i'm not awesome at keeping up with mine... i'm still learning. ha. love you!