Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Everything Blah No Real Title

I spent three extra hours at work yesterday... why? because Jonathan said we should all "bro around." I complained about it all, but I really to have a good time with Lauren and Jonathan. They're so fun and nice. We didn't have any tours so, we hung around and played truth or dare.

Friday, I think all three of us are going to try and see "The Last Airbender." ha ha. I'm so stinkin' excited about this. But, I'm more excited for going to Colorado in like 15 days... and of course Australia in 67 days.

Luckily I've been feeling very creative lately so, I've been drawing a lot. Unfortunately... I am good at capturing an emotion but very bad a accuracy. Its been my constant struggle. I work fast and love it, but I am really trying to work on accuracy. Biggest art pet peeve: when people come up to a portrait and say, "oh, who is that?"


If you don't know who it is a person has drawn... don't ask. It just really frustrates me to have worked so hard and so long on a drawing or painting, to have someone not even know who it is.


Peace and Love

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Not To Wear is a Stupid Show

You know what show I CAN'T stand? "What Not To Wear."

I've always hated that show. Its so mean. Just think about it.

Imagine you're a happy, carefree person. You like who you are, then out of the blue a bunch of your friends and family humiliate you by putting you on this show where the two pretentious hosts make you throw away all of your clothes. Then they make you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe... and what they mean by new wardrobe is... three outfits.

I really don't understand why people think this is a good thing. First of all, how embarrassing would it be for your sister or brother and closest friends to nominate you for the show. It only means that they were too cowardly to tell you in person, to try a different style. Instead they want two complete strangers to laugh at your past/present fashion faux pas.

While we're on that topic. Those hosts... who says they know what they're talking about anyway? "Stay away from horizontal stripes." Why? What's the big deal? "They're unflattering to your figure." Okay... I'm pretty sure people are going to know whether you're fat or not regardless of what direction your stripes are going. So, If you like horizontal stripes, and you feel good in them... tell that Stacy girl to can it.

Really, We were born naked. People invented fashion. Who cares what you wear, as long as you're wearing something. Seriously. Get a life and stop caring about clothing. There are more important things. We have a huge oil leak in the gulf of mexico and people are still wasting time watching that trash.

It's NOT what you wear, Its you.


Peace and Love

Friday, June 25, 2010

Australian Goals.

Here are a list of my goals for Australia.

1. I want to learn how to surf... not like the baby stuff I did in Hawai'i but I want to go out as often as possible and tear it up.
2. I want to be in good enough shape to go out and have fun without worrying about being to slow to keep up.
3. I want to get a sun kissed tan for when I return in January.
4. I want to remain healthy, and start liking seafood.
5. I want to attempt to throw a boomerang.
6. I want to climb Ayres Rock.
7. I want to learn how took cook some neat meals... seeing as I am going to have a kitchen.
8. I want to have some interesting conversations with some locals.
9. I want to be artistically inspired and improve my drawing skils.
10. I want to pick up a convincing Australian accent. Maybe say somethings considered local slang.
11. I want to learn how to understand the game of Rugby.

Here's Brisbane, Australia

AND... A list of goals for New Zealand.

1. I want to AVOID bungee Jumping or Sky Diving.... ugh. Free fall stuff... I can't do it.
2. I want to go White water rafting.
3. I want to go Hiking through Lord of the Rings country.
4. I want to meet Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords.
5. I want to go hiking... a lot.
6. I want to get a killer tattoo, but a really really small one.
7. I want to throw the ring into mount doom.
8. I want to go on a really awesome bike ride.
9. I want to further develop my New Zealand accent.
10. I want to meet a Maori person.

Overall goals:

1. Deepen my relationship with God.
2. Expand the artistic gifts he's blessed me with.
3. Widen my world view and have more understanding of other cultures.
4. Develop more of a self confidence.
5. Especially develop my kissing skills with random locals.... (just kidding!)
6. Understanding nature better.
7. Understanding human nature better.
8. Keep record of all of the awesome and not so awesome things that happen.

Milford Sound, in New Zealand.

I guess as you can tell, I am way WAY excited for my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia. I am going to Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Tokyo Japan.

There are so many things I'm looking forward to. I can't even begin to imagine all of the awesome things I'm going to have the opportunity to do.


Peace and Love

Colorado Countdown: 21 days? idk. Not soon enough! (I'm thinking that the colorado trip will be awesome and it will be great training for my big semester abroad trip).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Countdown Update


22 DAYS TIL COLORADO!!!!!!!!!!


Dang, that depressing Sarah Mclaughlin pet abuse commercial just came on.

You know what I'm talking about.

My Teeth Are Clean

I'm sleepy today. Just a bit.

I do, however, hope that work is enjoyable.

yesterday, I went to the dentist. He loved my teeth! ha. I don't know what it is about my genetics, but dental people always gush over how good I take care of my teeth. The reality of it all is that I brush my teeth... but don't floss that much. I know people who take MUCH better care of their teeth and dentists scold them for not taking care of them. I just have these awesome teeth genetics... SO, this is a shout out to single men. If you choose to date me:
1. my mouth is clean and awesome.
2. I carry clean mouth genetics so, our future children will have pretty teeth too.

Also last night I went to church, and then met up with Stacee Krebs and Amanda Wright. We went to starbucks and spent a good amount of time out side just sipping coffee and making up inside jokes. It was truly an enjoyable experience. I love those ladies.

After Amanda left to go home, Stacee and I went to the theatre with money and... no idea what what showing. We realized that it was the opening day for "Knight and Day" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, so we bought tickets for it. OH MY GOSH. it was so worth it. Good stuff. I haven't seen a movie I enjoyed THAT much in a very very long time. It was almost like American James Bond, with humor and none of the stupid "I play a different woman everytime." stuff. I encourage everyone to see it. It's one of those movies that guys and girls could both love.

I would see it again.

What's on the books for today?
WORK. that's all I know for sure. But, I really hope I can do some other fun stuff.


You know what really annoys me. I mean, really annoys me. I hate it that, a lot of times, guys, will go through high school and sometimes college trying to push girls further and further physically. Like they want to date an easy girl so that they can have sex... but then they grow up and want to marry a virgin. It's just annoying because girls can't go around doing that or they'll be called a "slut." Used goods. I don't know.

I mean, I know there are exceptions. People make mistakes when they're immature and young... and given the opportunity. But It just annoys me when it's not an accident but a lifestyle. When they turn the mistake into a goal for every female encounter. Am I out of my mind?

Peace and Love

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How Much Control Do I Hold Over The Future?

I think I am going to change my major. It scares me, but I think I need to. Before I do I am going to try and find some motivation for my own major... but ugh. I can't do this computer thing. Really, I just don't understand the programs and I lack the desire to figure them out. However, If this summer, I force myself to like it... then MAYBE it will be okay. maybe.

I just want to do something I love. I want to wake up in the morning excited to do my work. I was never really excited to go to computer graphics. I'm debating it all. Part of me wants to find a way to commit to it. But the other part of me thinks it would be a terrible idea to twist myself into a job, I don't love.

Thoughts? Maybe I just need to talk to an advisor.

What else is new....

I'm doing okay. My room is much more clean than it's been in the past. I'm going to the dentist today. Ugh, and I know exactly what he's going to say.

"You been drinking coffee or tea?"


"You should stop"

"No thank you."

THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO GIVE UP MY COFFEE!!!!!!!! I love it too much.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Harding Weekend in Indiana

It is Tuesday. I feel fine.

This past weekend my friend Jonghwa Lee came up from Harding for a visit. It was pretty fun. We went to church, played sand volleyball, went downtown, bought stuff at hobby lobby, painted, watched Notting Hill (at his request), and played some tennis.

All in all it was a good visit. We had fun.

Right now I'm at work. And I have to pee.

Peace and Love


Friday, June 18, 2010

Skyline Times

Today is an oddly emotional day, and by emotional I mean... the cheesy things on t.v. keep making me cry happy tears. I watched a bit of the Today Show and they had a bunch of children that the hosts took to the new Harry Potter theme park. It was cute because all the kids were so excited. But then they said why they took the kids... and it was because they saved all this money for some children in Haiti. It just moved me so much I had to cry a little. (any other day I would probably not care so much, but today I felt very touched).

Its been like that all morning. Weirdness. But I'm happy to feel so happy. I love hearing things about people helping other people. It makes me feel like man-kind isn't all as corrupt as everyone thinks.

Yesterday, I went to work. Normal right? WRONG!

Our owner, Chris, took Lauren and I to the Skyline Club with segways. We were supposed to teach Steve Hackman, an American Idol contestant from season 7 how to ride a segway. (he was cute and man... he could sing). Then we did some demo's for a big press meeting. It was weird, because I taught reporters that I'd watched on tv for years.

We also had FREE FOOD, Gormet...fancy pants...delicious food. there were so many forks and knives. But it was amazing. here are some photos from the event.

Peace and Love

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Walking Through Acton

Good Morning all!

In case you were wondering, I slept well (had another weird dream) but I slept pretty well. I think I am going to have to just accept that I don't have much control over some of my dreams. They're going to center around what is on my mind. Anyway, it was a good dream. I won't complain.

I think I'm just going to be dreaming a lot this week. Usually I, periodically, go through about a week of dreaming every night. It's exciting and I love remembering my dreams... well, most of em'

On another note. I went on another walk with my mom yesterday. It always helps me feel happier and happier. I promised I would post pictures from some of the walk so... here goes!

We found some corn!!!... Oh wait, it's Indiana. It found us.

I had to pee on one of the LONG walks.... and This is where I did it! (p.s. the grass was pretty freaking tall, which made is sort of difficult).

The little stop light thing is functional... it's just not "real." Mom and I go when it's green, walk slow when it's yellow, and stop when it's red.

The building is creepy and old. I have a suspicion that there's like some secret organization that meets there. You can see all sorts of chandeliers in the upper windows.

I love the views of Acton! Especially the basketball court that is literally on grass... not pavement. They even have these chairs for people to sit out and watch it.


This is where we walk to, "Ma Kettle's House"

Anyway. That is what a walk through Acton Indiana Looks like.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Retail Therapy and Self-Improvement

Perhaps it is bad to channel all of my energy into self improvement... but It's like my eyes have been opened. I have all of this wonderful time to improve myself! twelve weeks (or so) before I visit Harding briefly then zip off to Australia. I want to be the best Angela I can be.

I'm whitening my teeth, exercising, eating healthy, etc... I'm even flossing. I've decided that it will be the subtle differences that matter. So, doing little things like washing my face, and stretching in the morning are really going to help.

Also, I spent a load of money on this legit dress.

Mom bought me some shoes and STARBUCKS. Praise Jesus for this over priced company. It always makes me feel a little bit better. After I got back from the mall I was still a little bit down... so I got on the tredmill and ran 5 miles. It feels good to be getting stronger.

I like it.

Peace and Love

Friday, June 11, 2010

Why I'm Awesome

I want to apologize right now for leaving out all the awesome pictures I've been taking. I was planning on posting some in this particular post... however I can't find that cord thing that connects the camera to my computer, so it may be a while. :/

I went on another long walk with my mom last night. We've started walking a lot more frequently. Last night it was a 6 mile trek across Acton, Indiana. There would be a bunch of lovely pictures from it, alas they're trapped in our little blue camera.

Emotional update.

I've been doing surprisingly well given the amount of myself (not physical but emotional) that I gave to the boy. No one said it would be easy to bounce back after you gave your heart to someone... but I really have been doing okay. Yesterday I was determined to make it a good day, despite the circumstances, and it was. Of course, I still have moments of sadness. But, they are becoming less and less frequent. It helps to have been this sort of thing before. I know that at some point I'll get past it 100%.

What helps?
1. Long walks
2. Supportive friends
3. Running
4. Bonfire tonight
5. Lauren and Jonathan at work
6. Coffee
7. Having projects and something to keep me distracted.

Part of what's not killing me is the fact that this past month apart was so hard. While I really cared about him, I knew the whole time "something was up." His behavior was just slightly off... and being away from him really took an emotional toll. Knowing that I'm free from all the stress is so refreshing.

Anyway, I've decided to change my life now that I have the chance to.

Plan of Action
1. Stay active and keep losing weight
2. Get a cool tattoo in New Zealand
3. Learn Guitar as much as I can this summer
4. Start painting again
5. Do fun stuff... don't waste summer in front of the T.V.
6. Live life to the fullest.
7. Don't settle for someone who isn't ready for me
8. Learn how to surf
9. Hang out with friends
10. Save a lot of money
11. Visit Alyson in Texas
12. Come back to Harding in January... beautiful and ready to take on the world.

I am awesome. I honestly feel bad for anyone who misses out on me. Too bad for them.

Peace and Love

Thursday, June 10, 2010



I want everyone to know that I forgive him. I am actually moving on quite well. Yes, I will still feel upset about stuff for a while, because that's how it is when you are hurt. But lets face it, we wouldn't have been a good match anyway. So, please, I want no one to hold a stingy grudge over the boy. There is a lot of stuff going on in both of our lives. Stuff that neither of us will ever be able to quite understand.

I want to stress that I am also standing up for myself. I have outlined to him exactly where I know he has made mistakes so that hopefully he will choose to do things differently in the future. But I have also forgiven him for what he's done.

Peace and Love (Both of which are found in the Father)

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Dirty Room

I still haven't cleaned my room. I'm worried it will never be fully clean this summer. Subconsciously, It may not be all unpacked and cleaned because I don't want to be moved back. Part of me is still at Harding where my mind and heart remembers being with friends.

I love my family dearly, but I'm starting to feel like a grown up. I'm starting to feel ready to move away. This is a point of view that will probably change once I actually go away, but for now it is the current mood.

Walking with mom this evening should be good. I've been working out enough that I feel like I ALWAYS need it.

hopefully I will be visiting my guy in Michigan soon.

Peace and Love

Friday, June 4, 2010


I am wearing my magic nail polish. Good things happen when I wear it. The color is an electric nautical blue... think The Little Mermaid. So, Basically I am rocking and full of good luck!

This morning I was able to sleep until 9 am! This is a good thing... Maybe by the end of next week I will be able to sleep until 10 am. Right now I am waiting for my body to digest the oatmeal squares I just had for breakfast, enough for me to go on a brief jog. Its official. I am BACK into workout mode. Mom and I have been walking a lot. We went 6 miles last night, and the more I go out and walk... the more I want to go hiking and camping in the woods.

I am just so inspired by nature. My favorite color is green and I think that is partly because in the summertime I am surrounded by it. The cornstalks in the fields surrounding my house are a crisp green and are already knee high. The trees that speckle the area are all different shades of green and as the sun moves in the sky the greens change color even more. Right now, I love walking back home with mom after one of our really long walks and seeing how the greens change to blues as the sun sets. Its my favorite part of the day. Greens and Walking.

I'm going to take pictures of some of my favorite sites on the walk soon. So... stay tuned? (that's what Noah Darnell says in his blogs).

P.S. about Noah Darnell. He was pretty much THE Harding photographer, and a pretty nice guy as far as I know. But now when I look around me and see a really awesome opportunity to take a picture, I no longer use the phrase, "Thats a Kodak moment." No, I've decided to coin the phrase, "That's a Darnell moment." I think it has a nice ring to it... don't you? Anyway... I've decided to make this a harding thing. For those of you going back to harding in the fall, take it with you and spread it around.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

ANTS!!! Go Home!

It happens every year (probably because my bed is right up against the window). I just now found an ant in my bed!!! Now, I'm an outdoorsy girl. I would LOVE to hike the Appalachian trail and don't mind sleeping out under the stars one bit, but I don't like it when nature decides to invade my space.

Despite the little buggies that sometime end up in my covers. I refuse to move my bed far from the window. I love looking out of it at night. ESPECIALLY when the moon is full. I shines on my face as I sleep and I love it's company. In addition, my window faces the east so every morning I get the pleasure of watching the sun rise. Perhaps this is why I literally cannot sleep past 8:30 every morning! Dang.

Whats new? hmm. Not too much. The days are starting to blend together. Sleep-wake up-work-walk-sleep-wake up-work.... i could go on and on. Little things happen here and there that are notable.

for example, today Lauren Grelle and I got utterly drenched at work. Segwaying and rain make for and interesting combination.

More notably, I got to talk to a certain person tonight on the phone. It was a refreshing, relaxing, and renewing experience for me. It makes the waiting less difficult.

In other news. A massage may be in my near future. Who knows.

Peace and Love

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More TIme... For Waiting...


He's not here and yes, that is a little bit of a bummer for me. Even though, I know I should be absolutely overjoyed. I think this is where my "sinful nature" surfaces. I find so much selfishness in my life all the time. Why should I be bummed about this at all? Its important to go home and relax after being gone for so long. I am glad he's at home with his family.

I'm just feeling a bit lonely at home. Reason: Friends are sort of M.I.A. Alyson is in Texas. Stacee and Nicole aren't around much. At least work is keeping me busy.

It will be fine though. I knew it would be hard to do this "long distance" thing. I just didn't realize how hard it would be until I had to actually start doing it. However... I still truly believe its worth it. I'm willing to be patient and wait for it.

In all things, I am reminded that God has a hand in the whole thing. I pray everyday that he will be involved in this process and that he will guide it all. I need to place my security in him, so I will have no worries about anything.

In other news. I really want to make a pinata. Don't ask why. I think mainly its because I just need to do something with my hands to occupy my time. I have, however, been spending a lot of my time with my mom. Yesterday we went for a walk and traveled a little over 6 miles! I really enjoy the times we have together. She really helps me focus my thoughts and guide my thinking in a spiritual point of view.

Anyway, this is a really stupid blog and I'm going to stop now. Most likely I'll find a reason to delete this one later.

Peace and Love

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MR. WOBBLES! and more.

Yesterday I was called into work. When I arrived I noticed something a little bit odd. "Mr. Wobbles," was his name.

Sitting with Jonathan was a pudgy Beagle/ cocker spaniel mix. He was cute and just sort of laid around wherever Jonathan or I went.

I asked Jonathan why Mr. Wobbles was chilling with us and he told me that there was a couple on the tour and they wanted to take their dogs with them. Their chiuaua fit nicely inside the front pouch on our segways, however Mr. Wobbles was just a bit to big and too slow.

I'm seriously considering making the last picture my profile picture on facebook. Yes, I know that it is probably not a good thing that any fun/goofy/strange/pretty picture I find of myself I automatically wonder... "Should this be my new profile pic?" But since this is MY blog I won't hold back and pretend to be this cool anti-conformist. In reality, I am a lot like every other girl you know... I think.

What's on the agenda for today?

Its a lot of waiting and most likely, some unfulfilled anticipation. Today, the man I'm dating is flying back to the states from Paris. This is really awesome because... well what isn't awesome about it? he'll get the chance to go home and be with his family and that is just plain cool. However, If, when he flies into Detroit, he misses his connecting flight to Philadelphia... I will drive up to meet him and he will spend a week with my family. So, I want him to be able to go home and relax. It's important especially after a long trip like his. But selfish Angela misses him a lot and knows that if he goes home it will be a lot longer until they are reunited.

Anyway. Today will be spent trying not to think about the whole situation and accepting whatever happens. All odds point to him being able to go home anyway. So, hopefully I can occupy my attention elsewhere. I may go see Sex and the City two with my mom. Any other ideas?

Peace and Love