Saturday, March 5, 2011

Short Synopsis On Friday

Well, there's lots of tension on campus right now... Lots of controversy...

BUT, I am not going to talk about that, because there will always be controversy and issues. I know my stance and I don't feel like it is necessary to express my opinion on the topic.

That being said...

I have found a NEW love! It is a T.V. show some of you may know as: "Firefly." yep. This was that super amazing show that was cancelled after just one season. I started watching it on Hulu, then got impatient, so I bought the whole season and have been bingeing on it ever since.

If watching this show gave you calories...my life would be just like freshman year; I would be putting on the "fat jeans," and purchasing a much larger belt. Regardless of my lame analogy, this show is good. It infuriates me that shows I like get cancelled after one season. It just leaves me hanging... that's life I guess.

On a completely separate note, This evening was my ever so splendid function. It was the first ever function that I planned for Chi Omega Pi and let me tell you, it was NOT a cake walk to plan. Between getting people to sign up, setting prices, purchasing shirts, and booking the venue... it made my life these past couple of weeks quite chaotic.

First of all, the shirts we pre-ordered were NOT available the night of the event... they are being printed and will be available next week. Then the money order we requested from Harding's business office that was SUPPOSED to be ready this past afternoon... was not ready.

So, we had no shirts (Guys, get your minds out of the gutter) and no way to pay for the venue. Luckily, everyone was understanding and kind about the situation and the function continued as planned. It was a roller skating function with a "Space" theme. I fell on my butt... twice. But that's okay because I fell "gracefully" and my amazing date, Ellis Thomas Zeigler, was always there to help me up and make fun of me a little. He's a great guy. We wore matching purple/magenta tights.

His pictures are better but I'm gonna post mine regardless.

After the event, a ton of us went to the new Chic fil a and had dinner. It was a good night to be around friends. Now I can finally sleep without worrying about planning some silly function.

Thought you might like to know what my hair currently looks like. Yeah, get a couple of laughs.

Now onto the weekend. It will be spent painting, studying, researching, and of course... watching Firefly.


P.S. I found out one of my favorite Art Schools is now offering an MFA in Painting!!!! Perhaps this is a sign... Grad School, here I come!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've Been Robbed

This week has not been an easy one, but it's been getting better. That is until I realized that my tampons have been disappearing. One of my suitemates has been stealing and using my tampons. She hasn't asked or reimbursed me... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! So, in response to this feminine crisis I took the remaining two into my room to hide them. Then I left notes in my cabinet (Near the box) explaining that I was not happy about the situation. I mean, I can understand if you need to borrow one, if you can't get to the store that day... but ASK ME. sheesh. Now I am product-less, and that's another thing I need to add to my unending shopping list for this week.

I won't be able to afford a lot, but hopefully I can make my groceries last for a while... without someone mysteriously sneaking in to steal the "goods."

On another topic. Planning this ChiO event has not been very easy. I have had a lot on my plate with setting the venue, ordering shirts and figuring out prices. I just found out that some of the shirts will not arrive until the week AFTER the function, which completely defeats the purpose. Sometimes it is difficult planning all of this stuff. It doesn't seem like a lot but pair it with being an R.A. and having a very demanding class schedule... and VOILA you've got an instant stressed out Ang. I am trying to handle it all in an organized fashion, but life is imperfect and obviously sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men...

I am really very disappointed that those shirts are not going to be here on time. I feel like it reflects bad on me as a leader, and that is something I can't stand.

Well, I guess thats it. I'm just a wee bit annoyed with things that I have no control over.