Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Coffee Dilemma

To drink coffee or not? I have three hours or so until I attempt sleeping and I don't know if coffee would be the best choice. I'm also kind of in this strange mood where I have a ton of things I could do... but don't want to be doing anything. I've spent my entire Sunday afternoon watching season two of gossip girl, and I don't want to go to classes tomorrow.

What else? I feel like I'm just waiting for my life to happen. I'm sitting around in my cinderblock dorm room waiting. Here's a list of what I should be doing.

1. anything besides what I'm doing right now.
2. exercise
3. reading for classes
4. coffee?
5. anything but what I'm currently doing.

I can't believe I am actually blogging. I am such a loser.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Future Travels

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Not only is it a great day to be out of classes and work but it is also a day to remember the great things that Dr. King accomplished in his lifetime. Rock on man!

It is noon. I am still sitting in my dingy little dorm room, waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. I've been surfing the net quite a bit this morning and kind of stalking one of my best friends Stephanie. She's in England for this semester and I miss her a lot. I am kind of hoping she'll bring me back something involving Mr. Darcy... or maybe just the man himself.

Anyway, reading her blog about her travels is getting me quite excited about my own ventures next fall. I will be going to HUA: Harding University in Australia. Not only will I be spending time in Australia but also: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and New Zealand (Were I hope to meet Bret and Jemaine).

Not much else to say about that, I guess this is just a blog about my excitement.

Peace and Love