Friday, June 4, 2010


I am wearing my magic nail polish. Good things happen when I wear it. The color is an electric nautical blue... think The Little Mermaid. So, Basically I am rocking and full of good luck!

This morning I was able to sleep until 9 am! This is a good thing... Maybe by the end of next week I will be able to sleep until 10 am. Right now I am waiting for my body to digest the oatmeal squares I just had for breakfast, enough for me to go on a brief jog. Its official. I am BACK into workout mode. Mom and I have been walking a lot. We went 6 miles last night, and the more I go out and walk... the more I want to go hiking and camping in the woods.

I am just so inspired by nature. My favorite color is green and I think that is partly because in the summertime I am surrounded by it. The cornstalks in the fields surrounding my house are a crisp green and are already knee high. The trees that speckle the area are all different shades of green and as the sun moves in the sky the greens change color even more. Right now, I love walking back home with mom after one of our really long walks and seeing how the greens change to blues as the sun sets. Its my favorite part of the day. Greens and Walking.

I'm going to take pictures of some of my favorite sites on the walk soon. So... stay tuned? (that's what Noah Darnell says in his blogs).

P.S. about Noah Darnell. He was pretty much THE Harding photographer, and a pretty nice guy as far as I know. But now when I look around me and see a really awesome opportunity to take a picture, I no longer use the phrase, "Thats a Kodak moment." No, I've decided to coin the phrase, "That's a Darnell moment." I think it has a nice ring to it... don't you? Anyway... I've decided to make this a harding thing. For those of you going back to harding in the fall, take it with you and spread it around.

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