Friday, January 28, 2011

How I Survived the Dreaded Disease...Uhh Cold.

Well, it looks like I am reaching the tail end of my miserable sick week. I am already feeling better... and it feels just sublime. I documented myself over the week with my photo booth application so that you could see my progression.

Okay, awkward moment at the desk: I like to smile at people as they walk past me. I don't know why, but I feel like it makes me happy and it makes them happy. At least it helps perk people up. Well, I was just looking off into the distance down the hallway in sears, when someone stared walking down towards the door. I was completely zoning out and just staring at this girl like a zombie. Then I jolted from zombie mode and realized what I'd done. I apologized and tried to explain myself... which only made it worse and more awkward. Oh well.

Here are some pictures from this week:

Picture one, I am a happy DeCamper... sitting at the front desk, unaware of the sickness that is about to attack my immune system.

Something is starting to feel a little scratchy in my throat... but it's probably just because I sang a lot at downtown church of christ. It will probably go a way in the morning.

There is no denying it now... I have been hit with the worst cold of 2011! It has taken over my life and I am having a hard time believing I will make it through the night. I begin settling my affairs and preparing to meet my maker.

I have somehow made it through a night of mucus and agony. I am now approaching night fall on the next day. Things are not as bad with drugs, and sleepy time tea.

Finally, today... all that is left is a tickle in my throat and a little bit of sniffling... because of my aggressive battle and intake of liquids... I know I have won.

Well, I guess you can see that I am finally in a good mood again. Partly because I am healthy once more, and also because it is going to be around 70 degrees F tomorrow!!! It is JANUARY... this is madness. But, it's good madness. I'm not complaining.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Loath Being Sick

I know that I should probably talk about something other than how I feel like I've been run over by a car, but I can't really think of anything else.

Today I spent 44 bucks on stuff to help me feel better: cough syrup, thermometer, gatorade, chicken soup, cough drops, etc...

I guess I'm just a wimpy baby... But in my defense I normally have a wonderful immune system. I only get a cold about once every two or three years. Just so happens, this is the year.

I am using a computer in the mac lab of the Art department. So, perhaps I am spreading the dreaded illness to someone else, but I've been constantly applying hand sanitizer so who knows.

Why am I at the art department at 10:20pm, you ask? Why am I not in bed? Well, the world doesn't stop, and I guess that means I shouldn't either. I have to gesso some stretched canvas, and at midnight... I have to check all of my girls in for curfew. It is NOT my favorite thing to do, but: Whatever.

I wish I could curl up in a ball and feel better. But, I think it's gonna be a few days.


Monday, January 24, 2011

The Ups and Downs of January 24th

So, Yesterday I went on about how awesome everything was. It's still awesome, don't get me wrong, but I woke up this morning with a runny nose and sore throat. There goes working out.

It's weird when I think about how energized I felt yesterday compared with how fatigued I feel right now. I skipped out on chapel this morning, which I don't feel too guilty about. I did it because I thought it would be wise to get some more shut eye given my current condition.

P.S. I am really missing New Zealand right now... perhaps you can tell I am drinking coffee out of my NZ travel mug that I bought in Queenstown. Sigh

I was hoping to finally receive a letter from home. I know it's silly but I LIVE for mail. I love getting it and I don't know why, but I was expecting to have at least one letter today. Alas, today is like most normal days and my mail slot was lonely and bare. Tomorrow maybe?

Enough about the somewhat depressing aspects of the day. I believe that it is important to live for the positives, and there are ALWAYS positives.

1. I somehow managed to get a ton of homework done way BEFORE it was due. This puts my mind at ease and has allowed me to relax a bit.

2. Tomorrow is AUSTRALIA DAY... you know what that means TIM TAM SLAMS in the student center, as well as Nick Parker and Dadams playing their Didgeridoos (sp?)

3. Tonight is my night off, so if I'm not feeling well then I can go to bed early.

4. I've gotten back into watching Gossip Girl. Perhaps this is not a positive... but I have been entertained so, I guess I'll count it.

5. I feel very much like I am where I need to be. I am doing what I need to do with my life and I love it.

6. I am having dinner with Alyson and Eric tonight. I love those two.

Also, I have found a love for the book of Hosea in the bible. Don't ask me why, maybe everything just sounds poetic. Regardless of the reason, I really like Hosea.


Life is Swell

Well, I'm back at school and feeling better than ever.

Except, I stuffed my face full of hummus and frosted mini wheats tonight. Mmmm nothing like mindless eating and gossip girl on the laptop.

Anyway, I thought I'd send out an update on my ever changing wonderful life. I dropped statistics... I'll probably take it in the summer. One of my life long friends randomly deleted me off of her facebook account and refuses to talk to me, but its not really weighing on me too much. I'm sure she's just working out some personal issues.

I got hit by Dean Shearin (sp) while riding in the car with Alex Shelton... Good times. It wasn't either of their faults though so we all hung out and chatted afterwards while Doc Shearin took a picture of Dean Shearin, Alex, and I in front of the kroger on Race Street.

Later that night I went roller skating with friends at the most sketchy roller rink I've ever been to.

Church was off the hook today. I loved Westside church of christ. They offered coffee and donuts to the college students in class.

College is where it's at.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to School Sighs

In a few days I'll be back down at Harding, setting up my room for the semester. In a few days I can say goodbye to the peaceful bagel+coffee mornings that I've been so enjoying these past few weeks. It takes these few days to get organized and pack away things for the dreaded trip.

I have been working at it, but the whole process is a bit frustrating and I end up giving up on packing several times throughout the day. Then, at the last moment I throw everything I see into tubs in an almost autoschediastical manner. Part of my problem is that I have anxiety about leaving and going back to Harding. You'd think I'd be fine with leaving since last semester I was all over the globe, but I always get nervous leaving home.

I know there is going to be responsibility and lack of sleep where I'm going and I'm not really excited to face that. On top of that, I have a wonderful supportive family and leaving them is hard. I know I'm being a baby, but I guess that's just the way I am.

I guess that's about it for now.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alyson is Getting Hitched!

I am going out of town today! Have I packed? No. But I go regardless. Lucky for me I am going to fly to Dallas for my best friend, Alyson's wedding!

I thought I'd devote this blog to her because I love her so much! (that and I am really excited to be a bridesmaid on friday).

Well, I met Alyson Strother at the beginning of my sophomore year at Harding. I know it wasn't that long ago... but it didn't take very long for us to become friends. My best memories from last year include Alyson and her Fiancé, Eric. One of my first memories of our friendship include us building a fort out of toilet paper at the front desk of sears. Or when Alyson, Eric, Nathan Dorris and I all went hiking at riverside. Then finally, when The whole crew ended up at my house for spring break. It was wonderful! I have never had fun like the kind of fun I have with Alyson. She is just so extremely supportive and loyal.

I was lucky this summer to have the chance to join her for her family's trip to Lake City, Colorado. They took care of me as if I were their own daughter and I will always be grateful for how hospitable and kind they were to me that week.

The whole Strother family is a wonderful group of people and I am so happy to be a part of their celebrations this week. Congrats to Alyson and Eric! I know they'll have a wonderful marriage.