Thursday, July 8, 2010

There Is No Real Direction For This Post, But I Had Fun Writing It

I didn't exercise yesterday, which was not fun. I was trying to have the odd muscle in the bottom of my foot heal up so it wouldn't turn into some kind of terrible injury. I think it would ruin everything this summer if I were somehow, unable to run. I'm starting to get addicted to exercise and it feels so good.

I have brand new asics running shoes, and some new sporty sunglasses. Let me tell you, they're beckoning me. But it's not just the shoes that make me want to run. Its the knowledge that with every step, I am becoming more and more fit. My heart is stronger and my muscles are building up more endurance. Another thing I think about when I am running, (which is probably silly but I think it anyway) Is that the more I run... the more likely I will be able to out run a psychopath rapist, if I ever happen to cross paths with one. This thought also makes me think about if it would be good to practice jogging with high heels on. . . Nah.

So hopefully, by the end of the summer I will be ten or so pounds lighter AND able to run away from any scary bad guy.

Sorry about all these weight loss blog posts. They just motivate me to get up off my pah-toot, and live my life.


Regis just said Bette White will have her OWN calendar. Just thought I'd pass that little tid bit of info along.

ON another topic.
I can't decide if I think facebook relationships are cute or disgusting. What I mean by that: is the people who are dating and all their posts to each other pop up on MY feed. "hey babe, text me later." "I love you sweetie." etc. My initial reaction is to gag, but then I think about how I wish I could have that with someone. I really like the sappy stuff and I do think its neat that they aren't afraid of what other people think of their relationship. They post those things anyway. I can't wait until I find someone to post cute things to, and someone who will post those things on my walls well.

ah the 21st Century. I do miss the idea of writing letters and actual phone conversations but I suppose it's just the time we live in.

Today, and the past few days, I've been filled with hope. I feel like there's something AWESOME waiting for me. Maybe the "something" is someone. Either way it's awesome. Call it intuition or just a feeling, but I am so excited.

Tonight I am either going to O.A.R. with Lauren Grelle or I am rollerblading downtown with Lauren Grelle. :) It should be a good night. I have a blessed life.


Colorado: 8 or 7 days?
Australia: 60 or 59 days?

Peace and Love

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