Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday Surprise!

Just one day stands between me and my trip to see Alyson. I am really getting excited.

Last night, I got home from a good hang out with some of my friends and went up to my bedroom. On my bed, I found some conspicuously positioned wrapped gifts. Excitedly I jumped in the air then ran downstairs to ask my father if I could open them. He said yes!

I tore open the first package with absolute dexterity. inside the plain wrapping paper was the coolest travel bag in the world. I can't even really describe it. It can be a carry on bag, and it can expand. It can be a duffle bag or a back back... the versatility is extremely impressive. I imagined putting all sorts of travel stuff in it: toothbrush, socks, journal, books, tampons... etc. It's going to be so awesome to have in Colorado and then in Australia.

The last gift was hidden in a rusty red colored paper bag. Still going off the high of the last present, I flung the tissue paper all across my bedroom and happily littered the floor with it. With the paper out of the way, I plunged my hand into the little bag and pulled out several different things.

First, I found three pairs of good quality socks. I love socks... and these are GOooOOood socks. Then I found the black Nike sleeveless shirt I'd been wanting... Last but not least...

I found the CAMERA. Now, a camera may not seem like that big of a deal to most people, but this isn't just any camera... it's the camera that is going to record my memories of Colorado, Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam! Its exactly the camera I've been wanting: The Olympus Stylus Tough 8010. It can go 33ft underwater and its shock resistant!

Here's a photo

I couldn't have asked for better gifts. I've got two great parents. They gave me this stuff early so that I could use them in Colorado, which is so awesome. YAY Birthday.

July 26th is the official day.

Peace and Love

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