Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Creeped On

Most people I know of seem to have a very flawed view of what a "creeper" is. They seem to think that a creeper is the guy in their Music appreciation class who stares at them a lot. Or the guy that doesn't quite get the hint that "she's just not interested." A lot of times they think Creepers are the people that talk to them a lot on facebook, and not a whole lot in real life.

However, My definition of creeper is the guy who I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting at work today. The guy was tall and wore an old forest green polo. He walked up and spoke very quietly. Of course, I was alone in the little segway hut... with nothing to do but listen and hope he went away.

He carried on about how the police ran his i.d. like he was some sort of criminal, then proceeded to tell me that he actually was one. He said something about arson. Then told me I looked like some girl he knew. After that he asked me if I went to school "83" to which I said... "no." Somehow he brought up my personal life.

"You got a boyfriend don't you? Yeah, I bet you do. He's been mean to you ain't he? Well, we'll get him don't worry."

AHHH! (the only thing going through my head).

He hung around for a bit longer than most people would... and let me tell you. As the young, good lookin' girl I am: I was a bit perturbed. I however, made sure to tell him that the other MALE tour guide would be back at any moment. Not long after that, he left. But just in case he returned I grabbed a big heavy mallet and called our manager (a retired cop), and told him all about it.

Anyway, I suppose all is good now. I haven't seen the man since he left, and Frank, our manager, came in to check up on me. All I can say is that if ANYONE would try to assault me, they're gonna get real hurt trying to do it.

Peace and Love


  1. oh gosh. i didnt know you had a blog. lets be blog friends. well i mean i added you to mine. dont feel pressured to add me to yours lol. but i love you.