Saturday, July 3, 2010

Surprise! I Have Awesome Friends!

What do I love?

I love friends... that you thought were gone for good, but when they see you struggling, they reappear. Praise Jesus. It's so nice to hear from a friend I thought was "too cool" for me. Then after he saw my depressing facebook status, he texted me asking me if I was okay. When I told him what was bothering me he proceeded to encourage and cheer me up. I know I've doubted his friendship before, and probably still will in the future. But when the serious stuff happens. It's nice to know that he isn't oblivious and that he does care.

N.P.W. Not too bad of a guy.

What else do I love? Nothing is more emotionally cleansing that long walks with my mom. Talking about life, love, loss, and how to spiritually cope with it all. I will miss these walks when I am in Australia.

And... I can't forget...

Coffee. Life would be so bleak without it.

I am most thankful for everyone who continues to care about me. I don't deserve it most of the time but it is so wonderful to know that I can talk to most of my friends and you guys will really listen. :)
People I really respect and love... that I can think of right now:

Alyson Strother
Paige Walton
Cara Blakemore
Nancy DeCamp
Brian Short
Stacee Krebs
Amanda Wright
Andrea DeCamp
Mike DeCamp
Nicole Thoman
Gil Gildner
Katherine Kilpatrick
Kailey Stevens

And so many more. Someday, I will return the favor. If you ever need anything or or just someone to talk to. Don't hesitate to ask me.


  1. Way to make me cry. I love and miss you girl. This next semester is gonna stiiiiink without you.

    also, npw- sometimes he just surprises ya.

  2. I am going to miss you too!

    and I think you're definitely right.