Wednesday, August 18, 2010

These Are a Few of My....

Some of my least favorite things:

1. Luke warm coffee.

2. Mosquito bites... especially in embarrassing places.

3. The government NOT sending me my drivers license yet.

4. Parking downtown.

5. Shopping and finding the perfect shirt... only to discover they have it in every size but mine.

6. Sitting next to someone who is chewing and smacking their mouth very loudly.

7. Getting tired before I want to be.

8. Having friends flake out on me for other friends.

9. Reality television

10. Painting my nails and having that ONE fingernail that gets messed up... and no matter how many times I fix it, the paint
smears all over again!!!!

11. Babies that cry when I hold them.

12. Not being able to eat pizza and cinnabon and pancakes whenever I want.

13. Constipation.

14. High School Cheerleaders.

15. People who pick on my little sister. (you know who you are... I will find you).

16. Running out of conditioner before shampoo.

17. The "My Favorite Things" song being used as a christmas song... oh and that ridiculous christmas shoes song.

18. Chicken fat.

19. Drawing someone and having it look nothing like them.

20. Running into people I used to know in high school.

Those are some random things that annoy me. I hope you found them amusing and perhaps can relate to a few. I wrote them because I didn't want to think of anything of substance to write about.

Also, I had a dream last night where I had to shoot jaw breakers at these little evil children, and I was chased around a 7 story antique store by a creepy old man with white hair... weird.

Peace and Love

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  1. That seriously sounds like a dream that I would have and, yes, very creepy. I liked this list. I relate. I'm not flaking.

    Love and peace.