Saturday, August 28, 2010

Harding is Awesome!

Greetings from Searcy!

That's right. I am currently sitting in the room of Bethany Wilson in Sears Dorm. Words just can't capture the happiness I feel when I step onto campus. I keep running into all of these super awesome people!

I know, most Harding students have already gone through the typical "Hey! I missed you! How was summer." scenario, but I am super pumped that I've been having the chance to do it now. There are people I expected to bump into and hug and then there are people that I completely forgot about before they came running up to greet me. Either way I feel so "at home" on campus.

I know that I'm doing the whole "abroad" thing, and I can't complain there; I am really looking forward to the surfing. However, there really feels like there's something special about Searcy, Arkansas. I can't explain it.


It hasn't been a bad summer. It's been, actually, quite good... albeit monotonous. The whole daily routine at home, while inclusive of plenty of sleep, has really gotten old. I've grown to long for the times I never thought I'd ever want to experience again: Late nights in my room painting color swatches for Dr. Clayton, studying for bible classes until I thought my eyes would bleed, and who can forget... easy mac.

Ha ha, I can't believe I think those are good memories now!

So, what's on the agenda for Angela today, you ask? Well, Alyson has her Lingerie shower from 4pm to 6pm. Other than that, I'll be lounging around campus... bumping to people.

Peace and Love

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