Friday, August 13, 2010

Segways and Brass

Random Statement of the day: I wish I were involved in some sort of musical production right now.

Here I am sipping my coffee watching Good Morning America. Its a normal summer morning for me and it will probably be a few more minutes before I get all "geared up" and force myself onto the treadmill. The only tragedy this morning is that we're out of liquid creamer, so I'm resorting to the yucky powder version that we've probably had in our house since my grandma passed away (that was eighth grade, if you were curious).

Theres actually quite a bit going on downtown today. They've got this thing called "Drum Core International" where all of these internationally ranked drum cores compete for some kind international title. I think this is a really neat program. The kids practice all the time... practically 24/7. Unfortunately for Segway of Indiana, it means they steal our parking and practice in our front yard. Trying to teach people how to ride segways can be much more difficult with a bunch of brass instruments blaring into our doorway.

But we always manage to get by.

Regardless, I have under two weeks left of working before my monotonous summer comes to an end. I can't lie, I am very excited about this. I love my job; I've been blessed to have worked for the same company for three years now. My co-workers are awesome and I've been getting great hours. However, there always seems to come a time when I just can't keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. Go figure. I am finally ready to move on to the fall. By the time spring rolls by, I'll be ready to work/play on segways again!

I don't really feel like there's much else going on with my life. I'm just loving every day and trying to live it like my last. (except I imagine my last day on earth will probably be a lot less fun. perhaps full of ventilators and I.V.s).

Peace and Love

p.s. Isn't God great?

"The Cave" by: Mumford and Sons

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