Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Am Not A Fan of Liars.

Here we go...

I hate having to dig up the past, but its currently the present. I came down to campus with a killer awesome attitude. Ready to address the past with dignity and optimism.

That was until the truth came out. I suppose based on past behavior I shouldn't really be surprised to hear about... what I heard about. But that doesn't make the hurt go away. To realize that everything, all of it was a lie... is more heart breaking than having my hopes dashed the first time. I really just can't believe this kind of thing actually happens. People do lie and cheat and have no remorse for it at all.

I'm choosing to just count it as a blessing. I'm so lucky to not be stuck with that mess. But that mess has caused me a lot of trouble and heartache.

I came down in search of complete closure... and I am definitely closed. I wish I could save every other girl in the world from him but that just isn't possible. So, what I'll pray for now is for him to change.

That all being said. I am finally more than ready to get out of the country. Good bye America and good riddance.

Peace and Love.

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