Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Need To Get Out Of Here.

No one is posting anything but me anymore. I feel like an internet hermit because of it.

It's sort of a ho-hum day. the sun is covered by a sky full of clouds so the lighting has a very "cold" feel to it. If you know me, you know I hate light that looks cold. I'm considering making some hot tea, because if I drink anymore coffee I may suffer a caffeine O.D.

I'd like to do something like paint, read, or clean my room but the cold-esque light is just depressing me. The only thing I can think to do is just sit here watching the current pre-season colts game. Which, at this point, is just boring. I wish I could be at Harding. I really wish I could be setting up my room and decorating my hall. It depresses me that I can't be there this semester.

I know I should be super excited about going to Australia, and I really am. But I have a hard time thinking about it because I can't stop thinking about school. My friends in Searcy don't flake out like my friends at home. Someone tell me I'm not out of my mind.

Someone tell me that its okay to feel this way and that it will all get better. I don't want to hate being abroad, but I feel like I'm missing out on all of the fun at school... and it hasn't even started yet.

Peace and Love

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  1. oh gosh. you are me last summer at this exact same time. i almost decided not to go to italy at all b/c i hated the thought of being away from everyone. but seriously, going abroad is the best thing you can do. it changed me so much for the better. don't fret. you will not regret leaving. and you will be sad for a little bit being away from everyone, but you will never regret going overseas. promise.