Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thoughts On the Here and Now

It feels like Harding was a million years ago. My life is so different right now... not that its BAD per say, but different. Parts are bad. I'm missing certain people... but if you read other posts you know that already.

I started work this week. It was good to finally have something to do all day, but I kind of miss just relaxing at home watching movies. Today I worked with Jonathan. He's crazy, but it makes for an interesting work day.

Working at Segway is much the same as it always was... except for a few things:
1.Carrie is gone.
2.Scott is gone.
3.Chase is gone.
4.There is a lamp on the desk.
5.I have more responsibility.

BIGGEST Change...

6. FRANK HAS A BEARD!!!! woah... oh and we have this key pad locking system now. it's cool because I know the pass code and can get in whenever.

What do I miss from Harding?
1.Chick fil a biscuits with my friends after chapel.
2.Tania Davis at curfew.
3.Chi Omega Pi
4.fake eggs from the CAF
5.walking everywhere
6.Alyson Strother
7. The guy

Not gonna lie. while I'm pumped up for going overseas... there is a lot I'm going to miss on campus.

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