Friday, May 21, 2010

SUmmEr. TImE.

Good morning world.

I'm tired of being at home. I really wish school were in session... minus all the homework. Like, everyone had to go back a week early just to hang out. I think it would be kind of like freshman year. yep. I know exactly what I'd be doing and who I'd be with. I'd start it off right with A. Strother and keep it going strong with N. Thoman.

Its funny. I don't have to miss Nicole, because she's, at max, only 45 minutes away. I think thats because I don't see her everyday anymore. With Alyson, I legitimately miss her. Sometimes I wonder why I had to go to a school in ARKANSAS. I knew I was screwing myself over, before I even left home for the first time. I knew most of my friends weren't going to be from Indiana. This situation is no different. TEXAS feels like its forever away.

Don't even get me started on the guy.

Okay, Whining over.

Aside from missing people summer is going alright. I'm working as both a tour guide and supervisor now. Which is really neat and I love the opportunity to have a few more responsibilities. Even though sometimes it makes me anxious... Did I plug the walkie-talkies back in? How do I work the credit card swiper? do we have all of the info key controllers? Lots of things to remember. Plus, when I'm supervisor I have to count the cash drawer.... I'm not a math person but, I think I can handle it.

The owner of Segway of Indiana was in when I was working the other day and said the most random/cool thing. He said that either Lauren (another employee) or I was going to go with him up to the Skyline club with a few segways because some American Idol person was going to be there and wanted to ride in on a segway... SAAAYYYY WAHHHHH??? !! I'm a little excited about that, and I sort of hope he picks me.

dude. I hope I meet Ellen. I think it would be awesome if it were either Adam Lambert or Ellen Degeneres because... I want to get a picture with them... and make it my profile picture... then see what Harding says! ha!

I'd be happy with meeting anyone though.

Peace and Love


  1. Laughed out loud about the Harding thing. They would probably freakout if you had a picture with either of them. Which would be A-mazing. lolol. Yeah uhm... I am officially 13 hours away from you via mapquest, which is actually no that far...