Monday, April 19, 2010

"UDDER"-ly Irritated

Today has been a highly frustrating and annoying day. First, I'm supposed to find this guy and recite a poem for him so that he will go to my function with me. technically, All he said was that he wanted me to ask him in person and not just on facebook, but I'm Angela... so that means it has to be done in a strange way.

Here's the poem:
Some paintballs are red
Others are Indigo
Please come to my function
so that I can shoot you...

I don't know who would say "no" to that. But, I have lately found myself thinking that I am either ballin' or hideous. I think its safe to say I fall somewhere in between. I kind of... sort of... hope that I'm closer to Ballin'.

Anyway. I keep trying to find this person, but he is like an endangered species on this campus. I mean, COME ON! If you want me to ask you in person... then freaking be present! I bet that I could find a dodo bird with a four leaf clover in its mouth singing korean pop music before I found my potential date. I do not like looking for people who happen to be M.I.A.

Other than that... Normal stuff has been happening. Unfortunately I haven't been able to pay much attention to any of that because of my current mission.

It also happens that the boy I'm trying to take to my function... is... the boy I've mentioned in these past few blogs. So, not only do I need to find him because I want him to go with me to the paintball function. I really want to see him, because I want to see him. ugh I am utterly hopeless.

Speaking of the word "utterly" I used think it was spelled like this: "Udderly" you know... like a cow's udders.

I've always been a little off.

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