Monday, April 5, 2010

Forget me?

Want to know something that really angers me? Here goes:

Sometime near the beginning of the year I told one of my friends that I "liked" a guy that we both knew. This was before I had gotten to know him.

I have since conversed with him and am not interested in him at all. He's too immature for me. Well, Ever since the moment I told her about this guy... They've been hanging out non-stop. If I see him: She's there too! Her facebook status says in a relationship. He's always waiting for her everywhere.

WHy does this annoy me? Not because I want him.. that is just not the case.
No, what irritates me, is that I straight up TOLD HER, that I was interested in him... and now they're together. She doesn't even know that I'm not into him anymore. Thats just mean.

So today, when I was leaving chapel I saw the boy waiting in the back of the benson. (a strange thing considering he always rushes out in the herd to the CAF) (not that I stalked him, its just something that I noticed... when I liked him earlier). And right as I was about to pass him... My "Friend" came up, met him, and they walked off together. La la la, flowers and happiness.

I, on the other hand, felt rather bitter. It's spring, animals are getting it on, even the flowers are doing it... (The proof is all over my impala) How come they get each other, and I am single. Being a woman is frustrating. For some reason I ALWAYS feel like I want a man. Not just any man... THE man. So, from time to time, I get a little jealous.

There I am, alone in the auditorium. I stormed off in the other direction. "No fair!" I'm so irritated that instead of taking the sidewalk like every other harding student... I walk straight into the grass. "There must be something more than this provincial life!" (I watched Beauty and the Beast yesterday). "This sucks, I never even get to see the guy I like."

I whip my head to the left... and he's RIGHT THERE! shoot. The cute guy from my last blog. Gulp.

He follows me all the way to the student center, through the crowds and nearly to my P.O. box. The whole time I'm thinking. "Dear Jesus, PLEASE let him talk to me. Let him remember me. I think he's so cute!!!!"

Then he disappears to his mail box area. "Drat. Oh well, I can't expect someone I've met once. randomly, for two seconds. to remember me...

I turn and begin to leave. Then I felt someone touch my shoulder. ITS HIM!!! ahh. "Hey!" he says.

It made the whole day better. He didn't forget who I was.

Now, I know, that I'm being a little silly. And, I fully don't expect this to be "anything." So, don't worry about me being retarded for any prolonged period of time (i.e. Fancher, Schulz, etc). I have a good head on my shoulders. I know that he's just being friendly. I think I just have a tiny crush. little bitty one. Miniscule really. And, pleas don't freakout over me writing thing on here. It should be really only you three (Stacee, Stephanie, Nicole) who read this.

Anyway, want more "deets" call me or message.

But I am a happy, unforgotten, woman.

Peace and Love

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