Saturday, April 3, 2010

In the Good Old Summertime

I feel ill every evening. I think I am all out of healthy food and my stomach doesn't agree with what I eat. For example... This past evening, I went and ate at Doc's with my family. I ordered spicy/ creamy chicken and shrimp pasta, and now my insides are churning.

Never have I wanted to eat a simple apple instead for so long. I honestly don't see what everyone sees in Doc's anyway. The lighting is bad and they have a very limited meal selection. However, our service was nice; the waitress had the most adorable munchkin voice. It was sickeningly cute.

After having had dinner, Andrea and I went back to my room and watched, "In the Good Old Summer Time" with Judy Garland and Van Johnson. (One of my favorite love stories) and I was wonderful.

When I watch that movie, and see the end clip I always realize how trashy our movie society is. There is more tension and romance in the final scene than in most big hollywood chick flicks today... (and there is much more clothing involved as well). Why do we have to degrade and de-clothe a girl to make a movie "romance." The sex is implied in good movies... not in every other scene from all possible angles.

It makes me feel sad, like girls have to show it all off for any guy to pay attention to them. Why can't we just be classy and get to know us for who we are. If we stop flaunting everything, maybe men will take us seriously. When we dress trashy, it makes us lower our standards, and lets men (subconsciously) believe we are inferior.

Think about it.

Peace and Love

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