Friday, April 23, 2010

Storms and Slacking

Sorry about spazzing in the last blog. I am a dummy sometimes. :)

Okay: Blog NOT about "boy"

Apparently there is a 70% chance of tornados in Little Rock tonight. Normally I wouldn't think this were a big deal but my bible teacher, Devon Swindle, admitted in class today that meteorology is a hobby of his and warned us. He said that he'd never seen the chances of tornados over 30% before. And, If a man of God is warning me about the weather... I think it would be a good idea to pay heed.

I was a little worried about my plans tonight being foiled because of the weather, however the boy sitting next to me in class turned to me with a wary expression and said, "Crap, I have to drive my friend to the airport tonight." which is an hour away in little rock.

I no longer feel so bad.

I skipped my Graphic Design Profession class today. barf. This week has really been the week for me to slack off on my studies. I haven't done any homework all week. I just keep putting it off. So, following the pattern of slack-atude that I have developed, I chose to instead get some coffee. On the way to Java City, I ran into my old pal, Nate White. It was strange and nostalgic chatting it up with him. Sometimes I miss last year.

After a bit I made it to Java City and ordered a pumpkin latté from the barista. I always like it when this particular barista works... because she seems grumpy but in reality, she's a really sweet lady. She always wears this crescent moon necklace. It's the only shred of personality she shows in her apparel.

Today, we talked about the weather and our impending doom because of it. She enjoys watching the storms. I'm glad I've talked to her. This is where I make a plug to be nice to those who work at java city or anywhere in the service industry, because you might be surprised. There's a little more to everyone that what they show on appearance. :-)

Peace and Love

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