Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shopping and Function.

Okay guys. I did it.

I asked him to go with me to the paintball function. I'm so excited to go with him this Saturday. Is it silly to like him? eh. Who cares.

I went shopping with Nicole Thoman yesterday. We'd saved up our money all semester and spent it. Here's a picture from our adventures...

At first it was hard to spend all of that money. But, it didn't take long to get rid of it. I bought a lot of clothing and accessories however, my favorite purchase was probably the book Jane Eyre. I've always wanted to read it. I heard it has a good ending.

I wonder if the function will have a good ending. Worst that could happen: We'll just be great friend? that's not so bad.

idk. My thoughts are pretty scattered right now. I shouldn't be writing.

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