Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Good Start.

Well... this week is going swimmingly. I suppose I should update on my function situation... but I'm not going to. I said when I started this blog that it wasn't going to be ALL about the men in my life (or not in my life). So... there. Privacy maintained.

On another side note, I cleaned out the interior of my car today with one of those pay-vac things. Then I went and bought air freshener. It's been way overdue and I'm glad that was accomplished.

Also, I went on a brief run today. That is, until I got a peculiar stomach ache and had to stop before I pooped my pants. yuck. But, before I managed to stop a car full of men drove past and they yelled, "Wooooo!"

This hasn't happened to me before and I relished the compliment. I know it's probably degrading, and chauvinistic... but I couldn't care less. I feel like my hard work and exercise is finally paying off. This among other things makes for one happy Angela! (not mangela)

Peace and love

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