Friday, November 26, 2010

No Rice Included.

Ah yes, I have left Vietnam for Cambodia. Immediately I feel a relief. Thankfully I was not car sick at all throughout the 6 hour drive over here, I was happily knocked out with Dramamine.

Yesterday was thanksgiving. We spent another 6 hours or so driving... Checked out some interesting stuff, but practically everyone in our tour group was/is sick: throwing up. They've got some kind of virus and its knocking everyone out. I was depressed yesterday... to a maximum level and took zero photos. I am sure I will regret this, but I think I just needed a break.

Then we got back to the hotel pretty late. Chris, our guide, told us to be down in the lobby for dinner in thirty minutes, looking nice. Everyone grumbled and forced ourselves to rinse off. Then we headed back downstairs to a very wet Saigon. Like animals on the ark we loaded into our own separate cabs and were driven to a swank hotel.

It was then we realized... thanksgiving was happening. No rice included. I guess they spent fifty dollars a person to let all 39 of us students (plus extra faculty) eat a real western meal: Buffet style. No chopsticks. No mysterious fish. Just turkey and beef and chicken... just what we needed. It was one of the nicest hotels I've ever been to.

Like children with no limitations, we filled our stomachs to the brim and kept coming back. We all knew what everyone else was thinking... "These are Americans. Figures. Look at all the food they were eating." But for once in my life, I didn't care. I was content to fit the silly stereotype on our holiday, celebrated in Vietnam, with a couple of Australians.

Now we're awaiting dinner in Cambodia. Will it include rice? yep. Fish? Probably.

But I've got ten days left and I am going to keep holding on until I can go home for some REAL food...

first on the menu: Giant glass of skim milk. mmhmm.

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  1. bahahaha. you were knocked out with dramamine.

    miss you best friend! hang in there!