Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hué Times

Here I am in Hué. and I am getting sick of writing blogs. Sorry.

We did a lot today... it was a long one. Woke up at 2:45 am.... to get on a plane.

It was fine. I am getting much more comfortable in airplane seats than I have ever been.

I am dying to read the second and third book in the Hunger Games Series. All I have is some stupid sappy love story that is completely cheesy and over the top. I was hoping it would be a historical fiction, but it turns out that it is like romance with a little bit of history thrown in. Lets hope I don't find any super awkward sex encounters. Too bad it's the only book I have in my possession right now. sigh.

I really can't put my finger on vietnam. It is a confusing place for me. In some ways, it is very modern and in others, it is very traditional. You can tell they've had a lot of influence from china.

All of their houses are NARROW and tall. the cram them together, side by side, and keep adding more stories on top. They will often paint the front of the building but leave the sides unpainted, plain, cold gray, cement. I am not a fan of that. But I'm sure they have their reasons.

Also, the rules of the road are very few and far between. Sometimes when our bus drivers get impatient on the interstate, they swerve over into lanes with oncoming traffic and drive there for a while... attempting to pass other vehicles on their own side of the road. They do a lot of honking to say the least.

We visited the forbidden city today... as well as several ornate tombs. I am completely taken aback by the beauty and scale of some of these leftover buildings.

Also, Vietnam is a prime vacation spot for French people... oddly enough... I know. I've been stalking them a lot trying to understand what they're saying... and really it hasn't been to hard.

The grossest food I have ever put in my mouth happened at lunch today. Thinking about it makes me want to vomit. But I suppose thats the fun of it all. It isn't an adventure unless you eat really disgusting stuff. I had a shrimp inside of a big goopy pile of sticky rice, wrapped up inside of seaweed? or some sort of leaf. Seriously... everything at lunch today is gag worthy.

Dinner made up for it though. We had dinner on a boat and listened to traditional music performed live... right in front of us. It was very peaceful. After the performers finished the music we went out to the end of the boat and sent floating candles, in the shape of lotus blossoms, down the perfume river. It was very lovely and symbolic. The Vietnamese value the Lotus over any other flower.

I still can't believe I ate prawns today. Plus, yesterday I ate squid and didn't hate it. What has gotten into me? what happened to that silly, potato-eating, land locked, heartland girl? When did I start enjoying seafood?

P.S. Vietnamese Emperors were pimps. 140 documented children to one guy... with 500 wives... he never got to sleep with them all.

This is a lot like some guys in college today. LOL. I crack myself up.

I can't wait to be home with my family and then finally back on campus with all of my close friends!

Peace and Love... I am missing everyone of you.

p.s. I know my blogs are riddled with all sorts of grammatical errors. I am well aware. I always read through these posts AFTER I've posted them and have no desire to go back and edit them again. Please don't think I am a four year old... I just really don't care about grammar that much when my main goal is to update my mom and grandma on my life... then get to bed.

No one has mentioned anything... but I've just noticed that I have really bad writing habits. My apologies.


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