Monday, November 1, 2010

LA LA LA Last days in New Zealand

As my time in New Zealand is ending, I am once again finding myself scrambling to get everything done on time. I'm sending a box home full of random stuff: Clothes, Photos, New Zealand Souvenirs. Hopefully this will be enough to allow me to go through airport security without the stress of being told my bags are too heavy. I am going to probably throw away two pairs of jeans. In my defense, they're a little baggy on me anyway. Oh, and I have to pack... AND I have to figure out this whole Tokyo thing.

Apparently now that I have a tattoo, staying at certain places is not allowed. Go figure. I haven't really looked into the hostel I thought I was going to end up at, and on top of that... I missed some group info meeting where they all went to gather information... So I may end up wandering the streets of Tokyo for a few nights... I know, this probably isn't something a mother wants to hear. Whatever. I'll figure it out.

Today is my lovely roommate, Meghan's, BIRTHDAY! So, tonight we're all going into Queenstown (best place on earth) and having dinner at "The Cow." When we return... I will probably look like a cow. But it is all okay because it's her birthday.

I've finished my papers and finals... Minus a little bit of revision I am planning on accomplishing tonight... I am all done with school until January. This is exciting. I am truly ready to immerse myself in Asia. Although, I am a little bit torn. I really LOVE New Zealand, more than I loved Australia. Its weird how much this place has really become a home away from home. Hopefully, Asia will not disappoint.

I am also, extremely excited to go home and hug my family. I want to chill out with friends and relax before school at Harding.

Sometimes, I can't believe this is for real. Like, this is my life... I am living this amazing life.... I couldn't have asked for a better one.

Peace and Love

P.S. S.I.M. You're the same you've always been... too bad for you.


  1. Don't forget, I've got contacts in Tokyo...if you need 'em.

  2. Well... it's a little late now Dad. I don't really know what I'm going to have internet again... lol.

  3. SIM fo sho! I love you girl, and miss you so much!! I cannot wait for you to return to my loving arms. :) haha, just kidding. But really, I'm ready for you to come back. I miss my friend.