Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kuala Lumpur!!!... almost

We’re almost ready to leave Australia for Kuala Lumpur, and it feels like we’re supposed to be boarding the plane home. I feel like I’ve learned so much that another leg of the trip does not seem possible.

Last night Christy Parent, Meghan White, and I wandered over to a familiar section of Broadbeach for some ice cream at “Cold Rock.” (Very similar to Cold Stone). I ordered Milo flavored ice cream with cookie dough… and let me tell you, best ice cream I have ever had… ever. Its sort of like a farewell to Australia and New Zealand.

I want to blog right now, because I really have no idea how reliable internet will be in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. I don’t really know how anything will be in Asia. A lot of people are pretty anxious for that reason. They don’t want to be the minority in a group of people who don’t speak English.

A lot of them complain about how our teachers were supposed to prepare us for this and they totally didn’t! I think they need to suck it up and stop being cry-babies. I really don’t think there is anyway for our teachers to have prepared us any differently than they did. Especially considering they’ve never been to these countries either.

Actually, its come to my attention that our group likes to complain… a lot, and I can’t handle it. I really don’t understand what they were expecting to know when it came to Asia. Really, they need to stop peeing their pants and just go with the flow. It will go a lot easier for them.

Heck, maybe I should take my own advice. I can’t lie and say I’m not a little nervous… but I think it’s the good type.

That’s all for now.

Peace and Love

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