Monday, May 23, 2011

Second Week of Intersession and I'm Still Going Strong

I can't believe I have already finished one week of intersession. It wasn't what I thought it would be at all. As a matter of fact, intersession is the complete opposite of what I had originally anticipated.

My class: Ancient to Medieval Art History. It is an interesting class. Our teacher presents the material in a very cool way. One day she had us wear togas to class. Another day she brought in pitas, olives, and grapes... The quizzes and tests are fairly easy, but I am not going to complain at all as long as she keeps bringing in food, I'll be a happy "DeCamper."

Outside of the classroom, my social life has been off the hook. Every night there's some new adventure. Yesterday was especially exciting. A bunch of us drove down to Little Rock for lunch, a movie, and mayhem. We ate at the Purple Cow. Unbeknownst to me, this venue is a famous one for Little Rock and the surrounding area... oxymoron? They specialize in burgers and purple milk shakes. The hole-in-the-wall is decked out in all things purple and all things cow related. I prided myself in ordering a turkey burger and fruit cup. However, I couldn't help myself from tasting my friends' purple milkshakes and Carter's sweet potato fries.

After our meal we drove over to Arkansas' nicest movie theatre, "The Rave" and saw "Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides." I was fairly pleased with the film. It delivered exactly what I thought it would: Johnny Depp somewhere between scheming mastermind and drunken, crazed, lunatic with dreads...set somewhere with a lot of water and a boat. What more could you ask for from the franchise? How about a hot shirtless preacher? Okay... Delivered.

A lot of our group was tired when the movie was over, I was a little surprised by this but, we continued on to Target and Barnes and Nobles regardless of their obvious fatigue. I bought a Latté from the ever handsome, mysterious, and ambiguous Starbucks Barista, and it tasted perfect. There's something indescribably wonderful about drinking a frothy, hot cup-o-joe while perusing through walls of unread books.

I ended up buying a much needed dress from target and then headed back for a special HUA reunion dinner at the Mills' house. We dined on all things heavenly, aka breakfast. I am telling you, Jennifer Mills makes some mean... everything. It was truly a nice evening. We looked at photo books from the trip and talked about the "Mysterious Panty Caper" of 2010. This is the true story of how a pair of my delicates randomly ended up on the floor of the karaoke bar during our Australian cruise. To this day, I still don't know how they ended up in the middle of a packed room of people, but I have my suspicions.

The night finished up with the watching of "Miss Congeniality" at some friends house.

It was a packed day, but a solid one. I do believe I am having more fun in these couple of weeks than I have had almost all semester. I will be sad to leave these friends... but It will be good to have a change of atmosphere.

Still can't believe my sister is graduating high school TOMORROW, and I won't be there :(


P.S. Bought some new shades... what do you think?

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