Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peace Out HUA

Here I am sitting in the Narita Airport. Japan... I am about to board a plane to Detroit and then fly to Indianapolis! HOME! I am beyond excited for this.

I have loved Tokyo... really the whole world! Its been an interesting several days. First I had fun at Tokyo Disney, then Victoria Partee and I got completely lost on our way home. We ended up having to stay one night in a random hotel... we had no idea where we were. We made it to a warm bed by 3am. What a disaster... an awesome disaster.

Yesterday I hit up Shibuya and Harajuku... and more. It was really quite fun. We ate dinner at a place where you have to order your meal from a vending machine. Then a lady came out and gave us food. It was beef, corn, pepper, and rice sizzling in a hot plate. We got to cook it right in front of our eyes! It was so delicious and I am really good at eating with chopsticks. Just saying.

And now, I am on my way home. A place where dreams really do come true: Indiana. ha ha. I love my home so I am very excited. Its going to be a good long while before I get there... but I don't mind. I am finally going to get to WASH MY CLOTHES!!!!!!!!... and where deoderant... (crickets)... yeah.

I don't really have a lot of time in detroit before I have to board my next flight to Indy, so just pray that I make it. I have to get all of my bags and go through customs and all that jazz. bleh.

Serious Stuff:

Do I feel different? I don't know. I feel sick of fast food. I don't really know if I am a changed person. I guess I probably am. I am definitely thankful for the trip regardless. My Parents and Grandparents have been so kind and wonderful by making this trip happen. I could never have dreamed of a trip as wonderful as this one was. I've had some great memories and some less than great... but I wouldn't change a thing.

Peace and Love!

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