Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Day Is It Again?

Today is Saturday... I think?

This whole week has been a blur but its been a pleasant blur. I've been looking for some seasonal employment, but even though I am back before most people are out of school... it may end up being pretty difficult to find anything. I kind of knew this beforehand but it can't hurt to be hopeful.

Christmas in my mind is very odd. I feel like I should be buzzing around the house with Christmas cheer, but instead I wander around like a zombie and fight to stay awake when 5pm rolls around.

I tried to trim my fingernails last night. Unfortunately I was only 60% successful before I got to tired then lost my nail clippers.

My bedroom is in a constant state of chaos. All of my clothes have been washed, folded, and put away but for some reason there are still a ton of random possessions littering my room. It makes me feel like I am back in the polluted streets of Hanoi.

Well, coffee and bagels are calling, and I am not one to ignore that call.

Peace and Love!

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