Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It snowed last night. My Dad is outside shoveling snow off of our driveway. He did it yesterday too, which is kind of funny because now he has to do it again. I love the snow.

After months of basically warm weather it is strange and wonderful to see it everywhere. Its pretty rare to see this much snow in Indianapolis before Christmas. I've seen more snow than earth over the past two weeks. When I was little, I used to stay up late and pray for a "White Christmas." There was one year, I started praying near Thanksgiving and begged God everyday to "Just please let us have a White Christmas. It would be so wonderful."

Its pretty neat because it did snow that year, but most of the time it didn't snow. It was usually to warm. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I just heard the meteorologist say it. We have snow showers on Christmas! I think that just adds to the magic of it all. Maybe its cliché but Christmas is my favorite holiday. There's just so much you can do with it.

I love the wrapped boxes. I love the lead up. Even if I get a bunch of useless junk as presents... for me, its all of the events that lead up to that morning. Maybe it's childish to be this excited for Christmas, but I don't really care.

I am so lucky! I get to rush downstairs with my little sister and spend Christmas morning in our cozy family room with my parents, grandparents, and a cup of joe. There's something truly wonderful about cuddling up with my Grandpa and Grandma.

I can't wait for someday when I have my own family and have the opportunity to make Christmas a wonderful experience for them.

Sorry for ranting all about Christmas. I can't help myself!

Peace and Love!!! (and goodwill towards men?)

Photos from Christmases past.

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