Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Tidings!

It is about 5:30 am here at home in Indiana. I am wide awake. This is an improvement from yesterday when I woke up at 4:00am and just tried to sleep for 45 minutes.

It seems weird to think I was wandering around Tokyo, Japan just a few short days ago, like a dream. You know, "they" all said I would miss it, and I do. I miss being able to sleep in until 8am thats for sure.

However, flying to Indiana was not too bad. I was able to get a clear view out of my airplane window of a marvelous snow covered landscape that truly filled my heart with joy. Then, running to my parents in the airport was like a scene from a movie; it was emotional and perfect in every way.

Since then I've been chilling out. I went to visit my radio teacher from high school, Steve George, and I was able to pop in and visit a few of my other favorite teachers, Susan Tomlinson and Kristy Donley. While visiting, Steve George said I should look into being a substitute teacher over the break. So, I am looking into that. I just want to try and make a few extra bucks before I go back to school.

I got an email from one of my friends at school asking if I were interested in doing the comics for our school paper at Harding. Its a paying job and right up my ally, so I responded enthusiastically. Hopefully that means I get it!

I changed my hair up a bit. Hello bangs! I feel like after this trip, I have truly become the "Angela DeCamp" I was born to be. I am glad to be me and ready to follow where God leads me. More posts later!

Peace and Love

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