Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Energy and Pollution is an Annoyance in my Life.

Finally, I am alone in the apartment. Everyone is either out celebrating Andrea Alt's birthday or at the potluck/devo. I, however am studying... erm... was studying, in my room while listening to Mumford and Sons and the wind outside. It is so rejuvenating to be away from everyone else. They drive me crazy. Strike that... I am not alone.


I thought I was, DANGIT! lol. Can you tell its that point of the trip where you just really want to be alone? Well, it is. I'm trying to be patient with everyone but we all know eachother's flaws now.

I really have nothing else to talk about right now. I need to finish... erm... start my project for Energy and Pollution. I have to give the class lecture tomorrow. I think I'd rather eat a live worm... seriously. If I could get out of doing it by eating a live worm, then I would do it. The problem is that I am not a science-ey person. I am an art person. I want to paint. I do not want to calculate the Coefficient of Performance of a heat pump.

I can't wait until we are all done with classes here.

On a happy note. I bought a shirt. (sorry mom)

Peace and Love.


  1. Darling, I am feeling you on the alone thing. I would love to be alone for awhile in Sears... that is literally impossible though. I also feeling you on not being scienc-ey... take my 39% on my first bio test as an example. I love you and I need your address there... I have something to send to you!

  2. If you send something, I won't get it in time. That is what our director said. :(