Friday, September 24, 2010

Weight Gain Paranoia: Life Story

Good morning from me to you.

Today is our first Free-Day (and last for a while) while we are here on the Gold Coast. A lot of people are planning on doing super fun things. I, however, am planning on doing a lot of homework. (shock shock). Sometimes it just feels like that's all there is to do.

I would really like to go for a run right now. I am afraid of gaining weight again, because I am going to be in Alyson Strother's wedding and I've already ordered my bridesmaid dress. It fits perfectly, but I am NOT allowed to gain an ounce, or it may not fit so well. I'm paranoid about it, but of course my kitchen is full of nutella and one of my other roommates got bored and made a bunch of puppy chow!

One other thing. Here in Australia it's been convenient and easy for me to find and eat fruit, but vegetables are another story. I can't eat raw vegetables unless I clean them and chop them up myself. There are no easy little carrot bags. I know this sounds incredibly lazy of me, but the truth is I barely have time to do any of that stuff. It's been Class-Homework-Class-Homework-Bed for a good amount of time. I would just really like to lose weight I've gained, and not gain anymore here... but its proving to be more difficult than I'd anticipated.

I did go on a run the other day. But that was the first one all semester, and it was because I actually had time. Usually I don't. So, If I gain weight, blame my teachers for loading me with a bunch of work that I just don't have time for.

Hmm. Well I was going to post about some other Australian happenings, but I'm just too angry to do that right now.

Peace and Love.

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