Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Life: Devoted to Studies.

Well, I'm still here enjoying Australia. I ought to be doing some homework... but sometimes you just have to live a little bit. If I did EVERYTHING these teachers assigned, I'd never leave our apartment. I love the teachers on this trip, but sometimes I wonder if they know exactly how much work we've got. I suppose they have a lot of work with grading everything but still. I feel like I'm not truly experiencing Australia being cooped up like this all the time!

So, because my life is pretty much devoted to my studies... (I guess when you go on a study abroad program they REALLY mean the studying part). This blog will show you the kind of studies I've been up to.

In bible, we had to give a presentation on Paul and where he was from. Was he from Tarsus? or Jerusalem? Would he have been more Judaic or Hellenistic? And how does that affect his writings? Well, I'm pretty satisfied with how it all played out. We had a really well thought out powerpoint and somehow sparked a rather heated semi-debate in class. I felt like some kind of dramatic teacher from a movie like Freedom Writers. You know, Inspiring the masses to make a difference! (or not).

At some point this week. Tuesday night maybe? Some of us girls went out to eat. We found an Italian place called Valentinos. The waiters were very friendly young guys (perhaps this is why I enjoyed the place so much). They asked us if we were Canadian, which I took as a total compliment. You see, I don't know if you watch the news at all, but apparently everyone hates "Americans." Americans being: Fat, southern-hick accent, loud, obnoxious, walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk, Selfish, inconsiderate, meanies. This is kind of the United States citizen stereotype here.

I've even found some books in the mall devoted to how terrible Americans are. Not kidding. Several best selling books dedicating to reveal the evils of the U.S. from the fat ladies in the malls to how (God forbid) we have people bag our groceries for us. (I didn't even know that was wrong!!!) For some reason, being Canadian makes it all better. I think the Aussies consider Canadians to be a bit less like the stereotype (this is my hypothesis anyway). So, I've made it my goal to be nice, polite, and mistaken as a Canadian.

After Dinner, we grabbed some gelato and went to watch a movie required for class. It was called "Rabbit Proof Fence," and it was actually really good. I would encourage everyone to watch it. Plus, the "bad guy" is played by the same guy who played, Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter. Unfortunately, we weren't able to start the film right on time, because we were locked out of the classroom for about 40 minutes and Chris, our Southeast Asia guide had to give a presentation on water treatment and testing.

We all LOVE his presentations...

Yesterday we actually went to the Tallebudgera river/ creek and tested the water. I can't remember all the details of what we did, but my favorite was finding and catching all sorts of different critters.

After we got back to broadbeach, we went shopping at Woolworths and I bought some disgusting cereal which may actually be granola.... (oops. looks like I'm going back for nutrigrain). Then came back and did homework all evening.

I have a feeling tonight will be much the same.

Peace and Love, Mate!

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