Thursday, September 16, 2010

Binna Burra and Sushi!

Okay, in my last blog I complained a bit about having to close the curtains... I realized it probably wasn't a big deal but I think I was just caught up in the moment. I told her if she wanted to close the curtains it was okay. (I've got the whole living room to enjoy the sunrise in).

So, that's in the past, Now, onto the future. Today we have a few classes this morning and then we head off to the rainforest. We're staying at a place called Binna Burra. Then I think tomorrow we will be going on an 8 hour walk! This makes me so glad that mom and I walked so much together this summer. However, we didn't have to face leaches. EW! Chris (our southeast asia/Rainforest walk guide) said that if it has rained we will have to deal with them. Luckily for us, Rain is NOT in the forecast.

What else is new? Life here on the gold coast is a peaceful one. The grocery store, Woolworths, is a walk away. We are allowed to take our shopping carts from the store all the way back to our apartment (the Capricornia). When we're done with it, we just scoot it downstairs and leave it on the lawn in the front. I guess someone from the grocery store comes around and picks them all up. Weird? yes.

Last night, Christy Parent and I went and picked up some extra groceries we'd neglected to buy the first time around. aka, fruit and vegetables. It was not very fun to eat only bread and cheese all day yesterday. bleh. While at the store I found HUMMUS!!!! I bought the stuff that said, "skinny" "85% less fat" ha! Now, I am set for life. also, they spell hummus differently here. "Hommus" is how they say it.

I ate sushi for the very first time yesterday. After classes I was supposed to go right to the grocery store but I guess I didn't. Instead I was talking to Taylor Kee and he said that he was going to find sushi. I told him I'd never tried it and he said... "well come on." Then we went to get some.

On our way we past a japanese restaurant called "FUKU" and made a couple of jokes about that. When we finally found sushi I was pretty skeptical. However, I think Taylor knew a lot about it and helped me pick out some to try. I took it back to my room and... I LOVED IT! Sushi is super good. Where has it been all my life.

Anyway, good times. I'm making a lot of new friends and hanging out with all sorts of people. Life is good.


p.s. Still can't really hear out of my right ear.... I think it's getting better though. :)

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  1. Sushi!!?? You can keep it! My personal rule is that if something used to move on its own, it needs to be cooked. :)

    I'm glad you're having such a great time!