Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Rainforest Experience

Well, I'm back from the rainforest.

It wasn't quite what I expected. For one, it was Cold. I really should stop expecting Australia to be warm. I mean, it's not freezing or anything but it certainly isn't what I was expecting. The first night we arrived in BInna Burra was a bad day for me. I think it was the first day that I started feeling a little homesick. I think it just had to do with getting my feelings hurt several times. And I had my head bashed by Michelle's during a game of frisbee. ugh.

I started thinking about all things of fall at home: pumpkin bread, hot apple cider, bonfires, hay rides, high school football. sigh. BUT, then I slept on it and remembered that I am in AUSTRALIA and fall at home can happen without me.

Before we went about to the cabin to sleep and chill Chris, our southeast Asia guide had some special presentations. We sat outside over looking the valley while he talked about the ecology of the area. I suppose I would have been much more enthralled with his information if I weren't completely frozen solid. We were all chilled to the bone but Chris just kept talking about the different calls for birds of the area. This is okay, because it is pretty interesting... but a lot of us didn't have patience without food or heat.

Don't let this photo trick you. It was chilly.

Finally he led us inside of the lodge. We thought we were getting food... turns out we were just going to watch a video about the history of the lodge. Cold and hungry, we forced ourselves to peal our eyes open to the screen. It was one of those old fashion education videos from the 1960's, complete with creepy music that popped in and out. Ironically there were several clips showing people eating delicious sandwiches. I was bitter.

Finally we went to eat dinner. It was good and I ate fish! (plus I liked it). After dinner we watched a 2 hour presentation on the Alberts Lyre Bird. Let me tell you, Chris LOVES this bird. Unfortunately... most of the rest of us now hate this bird. But we do know a whole lot about it.

After his presentation we all went to this cottage and ate Tim Tams and warm Milo (kind of like hot chocolate but better). If you haven't had Tim Tams... I feel sorry for you. This stuff is SO GOOD, They're these Australian cookies that embody everything that is good in the world. They have this thing called a "Tim Tam Slam" where you are supposed to bite of both ends of the cookie, dip it in warm milk or milo and then use the cookie as a straw. This causes the inside of the cookie to melt. Then you eat the cookie and it's warm goodness fills your soul with joy. I haven't tried them like this yet, but I plan on doing so.

FINALLY, we went back to the cabin... errr... closet? 9 people to a room sleeping on three level bunk beds. We were so cold that Megan and I had to cuddle together to keep warm. It worked pretty well. Before we drifted off to sleep, the girls in my cabin came up with several ideas for fun on the cruise ship... which shall be kept under strict confidence.

We woke up in the morning and after being told to dress in shorts and a tshirt... we headed over to the lodge for food then met up with our guides for our 18 kilometer hike.

Guess what, it was cold. I was shivering practically the whole time. So much for "DEFINITELY wear shorts." But it was a really nice tour. I learned about a lot of really interesting things. We found homes for trapdoor spiders and Chris taught us all about these fig trees that strangle other trees. (you know any girl loves some good natural violence). I saw a red bellied black snake and at least a dozen wild turkeys. they wander around all over the place.

Finally, we returned and loaded the bus. When we got back to the apartment, I took a long hot shower and made soup. Warm soup does wonders after a cold day.

Peace and Love

p.s. I still haven't tried vegemite, but Mr. Adams loves it.


  1. MMMMM... that cookie thing sounds wonderful. I would have FREAKED out had I have seen that snake. Good job staying calm. :) I love you!

  2. Hey Angela?

    I don't really know how I got here. I made some random searching on Google, opened the first few results I got, and here I am liking your posts! It was nice knowing you've had a very enjoyable trip to the OZ (i'm guessing you're done with it?) and at times I found myself smiling at your jokes. Btw, sushi IS great! Where have YOU been? Lol. Keep the posts coming. From Azmi, a random Internet user.