Saturday, October 16, 2010

Queenstown Adventures So Far

Well, its Sunday Morning in Queenstown and luckily, I'm the first and only one up in the apartment. We won't have church until seven so I suspect most of the other girls will be asleep for a while. This is a relaxing thought for me.

Well, Queenstown... what can I say... It's my favorite place on this trip so far. The views are absolutely breathtaking. We're located right in with this mountains called the "Remarkables" and they're pretty remarkable.

On Wednesday I went skydiving. I jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet and free fell. Woah man, what a rush! It was so much fun and not nearly as scary as I had anticipated it being this summer. Really, if you can do it then you should. Everyone was gushing about the guy that I was lucky enough to jump the plane with, Marius. My whole apartment thought he was some hunk of man. lol. My photographer was pretty cute too, but I have a hard time thinking I matched their "attractive-rebel-jumping-out-of-a-plane" look with my dorky hat and goggles on. Anyway, both of them were nice guys.

Saturday (Which was yesterday) I went horseback riding through Glenorchy and Paradise falls. This is where they've filmed beaucoup Lord of the Rings sequences, Chronicles of Narnia clips, Wolverine scenes, and (believe it or not Andrea) some scenes from The Lovely Bones. My horse's name was Biscuit and we became kindred spirits. I'd never had to ride a horse with an English Style saddle but it wasn't bad at all. The only scary parts of the ride came when Boris, Carter's Horse, decided to infringe on everyone's territory. Biscuit was not about to be a wuss, so he wouldn't let Boris through... unfortunately that meant infringing on Zodiack's territory. Zodiack decided to frighten biscuit away and it worked fairly well. Biscuit went running towards a cliff.

After several worried shreeks from the guides and attempts to get biscuit turned around... I finally succeeded. (and was scolded for not knowing what "Shorten your reigns" meant. Sorry, I don't ride horses everyday. At my house we drive cars). However, the whole trip was a worthwhile one. Nick said I should be a horse woman because I looked good in the helmet. I also couldn't get past the fact that I was where Orlando Bloom once was. ha!

The guide pointed out different Lord of the Rings scenes. We got to see where the fellowship was caught by the Elves when they entered Lothlorien forest. We also got to see where Boromir was killed, and where Isengard was flimed as well. LEGIT!

I loved hearing a bunch of behind the scenes stories, but I really loved the landscape more. I can see why so many filmmakers love to come out here to film. It's so much more amazing than anything I've ever seen.

After getting back from the ride, I went back to the apartment, ate a Peanut butter and Jam sandwich (b/c they don't have jelly) and fell asleep until dinner time. It was a good day.

Peace and Love


  1. My brother is saying, "Rest easy servant of Gondor." And freaking out about all the things you saw. LOL.