Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last Day in Australia

This may be the last blog post for several days, because tomorrow morning we are leaving for New Zealand. We will be staying in Christchurch for a few days then flying off to Queenstown which will be our "home base" for the following three weeks.

It is sad to think that we're already leaving Australia. I know that we will return briefly for a couple of nights in Brisbane before our cruise, but it still is sort of sad.

Last night was our "farewell" dinner. No one was told where it would be we were only told to meet in the lobby at 5:45pm. Soon we boarded a bus and drove 15 minutes to "Australian Outback Spectacular: Heroes of the Light Horse." This is the Australian equivalent of the "Dixie Stampede" (minus Dolly Parton... and all of her glory). While there, they fed us us as we watched a variety of different performances on horses based on Australian history.

My favorite part was when James would come around and refill my glass with more sprite. Just kidding! (sort of). The food was great. We had a salad wrap for starters. The main course consisted of green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, pumpkin, and the rarest steak I have ever eaten. Not kidding, the meat was definitely RED. But it was pretty tender and I didn't mind all that much. For desert they had this... marshmellowey thing with fruit sauce, but the real kicker was the steaming hot coffee. mmmmmhmmm. You know coffee is the love of my life.

We laughed and cheered and enjoyed the show. Our side, Warrego Station won the little competition, then we all went home happy, wearing our "outback cowboy hats" (Ellis was, of course, wearing his light up pink bunny ears he'd purchased). I am a little sad that I won't be able to bring the hat back with me. It's a cheap little thing but it was a memory and I'd like to have kept it. oh well.

RANDOM AUSTRALIAN THING: When they want to ask you how your day is going they say, "How are you going?" I find this strange because we're so used to saying, "How's it going?"

Today: Bittersweet. A lot of it was spent studying for an Energy and Pollution test that I most likely failed. ugh. Whatever, "It's College."

Most of this afternoon/evening will be spent packing, or should I say... trying to throw crap away. I honestly HATE going through airport security and trying to check bags/see what I can get away with. I would rather go to Verizon Wireless then a used car dealership than have to deal with airport weight restrictions anymore. I don't understand how to pack for three months in under 30 kilos. For goodness sakes, I don't even know how much a kilo is! Tomorrow could be a bad bad day.

I lost the goop for my new tattoo. Don't know what to say about that. I'll just have to look around the apartment.

Today was the last time I will have bought a Latté from my favorite coffee joint in the mall. I go about everyday, and the guy that works there recognizes me and knows what I will order. sigh. He doesn't know, but he's never going to see me again. Sorry dude.

Other than that, I'm going to miss the warm weather. NZ will be colder and three hours different than what I am already used to. Don't ask in what direction because I don't know.

Now this blog is completely unfocused and random. Oh well.

Peace and Love


  1. You should take some "Dramamine" and then it will make you sleepy instead of the time change! Since you just wrote on here that you got a tattoo... why don't you just go ahead and post some pictures for me!? The ones your tried to send me over skype never loaded. I love you and miss you!! I fun in New Zealand!

  2. Angela! So great to finally come across this AMAZING blog. You are such a creative and beautiful young woman!! So if you visit the Botanical Gardens in Christchurch, stop by the "azalea garden" which is probably in full bloom given it is their spring time... Pat and I were married there under the biggest oak tree in the garden! You would be our kindred spirit, as the only one who has seen the garden/tree! :) Love you and miss you and glad you are enjoying this great experience! Love, Cousin Megan